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Final Examination and Course Material Retention Policy

Effective Date May 1, 2012

Final Examinations and Course Material Retention


A final examination must be given at the time and day shown in the Final Examination Schedule. Requests for a waiver of time or day must be approved by the vice president for academic affairs; however, a final examination may be given only during "Finals Week." The documentation required by the vice president for academic affairs for consideration of change is a statement requesting the change (including specifics as to time, day and location) with the signature of the instructor and every member of the class. The academic unit head should underwrite the endorsement by his signature.

It is hoped that individual faculty members would try to explain to individuals or to classes the chaos that is created by rescheduling a final examination before he/she or the class spokesperson appeals to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Exceptions to this policy for individual students may be handled by the faculty member in the following cases: 1) student illness or other emergency; 2) student has more than three examinations schedule the same day; and/or 3) one examination time conflicts with another. Priority in the two last cases will be given to adjusting the lower numbered course(s) (i.e., the higher numbered course(s) should follow the published exam schedule).

Course Material Retention

Academic course materials—examinations (final and midterms), papers, projects, homework, etc.—will be retained for a minimum of two calendar years after completion of the course and for a maximum of no more than three calendar years after completion of the course. This retention period applies to academic course materials in both electronic and hard copy.

Academic course materials needed for assessment should be stored separately.

Waivers for the retention period should be addressed with the individual faculty member’s dean.

Faculty who will no longer be teaching for Florida Tech should turn in their retained academic course materials to their academic department head.

This policy does not address document retention related to research and academic administration documents.