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Undergraduate Course Syllabi and Textbooks

Effective Date Jun 16, 2008

Undergraduate Course Syllabi and Textbooks

For each undergraduate course, the instructor should select a textbook and prepare a syllabus. The syllabus will be given to the student at the first meeting of the course. The instructor should, at a minimum, cover all the material listed in the syllabus and use the selected textbook for out-of-class reading. If the instructor cannot adhere to this policy, he/she should report the expected deviations to the academic unit head/program chair immediately. Uniformity, particularly in undergraduate prerequisite courses, helps preserve continuity.

The syllabus should contain:

  • Course number (including section number if multi-section course), name and semester
  • Instructor’s name and official location, e-mail address (phone ext.)
  • Textbook(s) and author(s) name, and edition, if applicable
  • A week-by-week list of subject matter to be covered in the course
  • Explanation of any term papers, projects or other requirements
  • Grading procedures

All syllabi must include the attendance policy. Although there is no university-wide policy regarding penalties for non-attendance, students are expected to attend all classes.

All syllabi should contain a statement on academic honesty.

Copies of all syllabi and handouts must be on file in each academic unit office.