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Advising Students for Directed Study

Effective Date Jun 16, 2008

When a student, for reasons beyond his/her control, must earn credit for a particular course before the next time at which the course will be offered, it is occasionally possible to arrange for personal study of the subject as directed by a qualified full-time faculty member. (see academic policy "Directed Study")

To enroll for a directed study course, the student should initiate a Request for Directed Study form and obtain the needed approvals as directed on the form. Approval is given at the discretion of the academic unit offering the course.

Normally, evidence of a compelling need (e.g., course required for graduating before course’s next scheduled offering) and due diligence by the student regarding taking the course when offered are required for approval. Not taking the course at its last scheduled offering because of an unpopular class time or instructor is never an acceptable justification.

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