Cell Phone Usage

Effective Date Dec 1, 2014

Applicable Employee Classes:

Reviewed Date:

Approved by:

All Florida Tech Employees

December 2014

Dr. T. Dwayne McCay, President

3.1 Cell Phone Usage


This policy outlines the use of personal cell phones and PDA's at work and the safe use of university issued cell phones or PDA's by employees while driving. Some departments may have additional cell phone/PDA requirements based on the operational needs of that department. The manager will communicate any additional requirements to the employees.

  1. Personal Cellular Phones/PDA's (Personal Digital Assistants)
    While at work employees are expected to exercise the same discretion in using personal cellular phones and PDA's as is expected for the use of university issued phones. Excessive personal calls during the work day, regardless of the phone used, can interfere with employee productivity and be distracting to others. Employees are encouraged to make any other personal calls on non-work time when possible and to ensure that friends and family members are aware of the university's policy.
    Florida Institute of Technology will not be liable for the loss of personal cellular phones or PDA's brought into the workplace.
  2. Personal Use of Company-Provided Cellular Phones/PDAs
    Where job or business needs demand immediate access to an employee the university may issue a business cell phone or PDA to an employee for work-related communications.

    Employees in possession of university equipment such as cellular phones or PDA's are expected to protect the equipment from loss, damage or theft. Upon resignation or termination of employment, or at any time upon request, the employee may be asked to produce the phone for return or inspection.
  3. Safety Issues for Cellular Phone and PDA Use
    All employees are expected to follow applicable state or federal laws or regulations regarding the use of cell phones or PDA's at all times.

    An employee who drives a university supplied vehicle is prohibited from using a cell phone or similar device while driving, whether the business conducted is personal or university-related. This prohibition includes receiving or placing calls, text messaging, surfing the Internet, receiving or responding to email, checking for phone messages, or any other purpose. We recognize that other distractions occur during driving, however curbing the use of cell phones, while driving, is one way to minimize the risk of accidents for our employees. Employees are required to stop the vehicle in a safe location so that they may safely use the cell phone or device.

    Employees whose job responsibilities include regular or occasional driving and who are issued a cell phone or PDA for business use are expected not to use their phone while driving.  Safety must come before all other concerns. Regardless of the circumstances, including slow or stopped traffic, employees are required to pull off to the side of the road and safely stop the vehicle before placing or accepting a call or use hands-free operations, refrain from discussion of complicated or emotional matters and keep their eyes on the road. Special care should be taken in situations where there is traffic, inclement weather or the employee is driving in an unfamiliar area.

    Employees who are charged with traffic violations resulting from the use of their phone or PDA while driving will be solely responsible for all liabilities that result from such actions.
  4. Video or Audio Recording Devices
    The use of camera phones, PDA's or other audio or video recording capable devices within the University may constitute not only an invasion of employees' personal privacy, but may breach confidentiality of the university's protected information. Therefore, the use of camera or other video-capable recording devices within the university is prohibited without the express prior permission of senior management and of the person(s) present at the time. This prohibition is specifically applicable to restrooms and locker rooms, and including quality control, sales and engineering.


  1. Florida Tech supplied phones: For Business use
    1. Most employees with a business need for a cell phone will be assigned a Florida Tech owned phone. Cellular phone use on phones supplied by Florida Tech is recommended for Florida Tech business use. If your issued cell phone is lost, stolen, or damaged, contact the Telecommunications department immediately for further instruction.
  2. Personal Cell Phone use with reimbursement provided by Florida Tech
    1. Florida Tech recognizes that due to the nature of some positions, the university will reimburse personal cell phones for Campus use.
    2. Personal cell phone use for business will only be allowed with the approval of the Director only.
    3. If your personal cell phone is lost, stolen or damaged, it is your personal responsibility to replace the phone.

Work Sites

Do not engage in the use of a cellular phone while at any work site during which the operation of a cellular phone will be a distraction to the user and/or may create an unsafe work environment. Supervisors have the authority to restrict or prohibit use of cellular phones at anytime.