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Most Valuable Panther Program

Effective Date Sep 21, 2017

Applicable Employee Classes:

Florida Tech Employees, except student workers

Effective Date:

September 2017

Approved by:

Dr. T. Dwayne McCay, President

6.16 Most Valuable Panther Program


The Most Valuable Panther (MVP) Program has been established to recognize employees who embody the university’s standards for innovation as demonstrated by their excellence and quality service.

The MVP Program provides monthly recognition of an employee who demonstrates:

  • An outstanding accomplishment that benefited the department/students/university
  • Extraordinary service to internal and/or external customers
  • Initiative/leadership
  • Exemplary efforts to nurture a climate of care, concern and civility
  • Creative innovations to service, process or work tools

The MVP Program is administered by the Office of Human Resources. A selection committee composed of members of various university departments reviews the nominations and selects the winner each month.


A nominee for the award must meet the following criteria:

    • Must be a full-time or part-time employee
    • Must be employed for at least one (1) year
    • Can be employed at any of the university’s locations
    • Has not been selected as MVP within the past twelve (12) months
    • Must not have any documented corrective action within the past 6 months
    • Has a positive attitude toward work responsibilities, co-workers and customers, and serves as a role model for others
    • Is productive, exhibits commitment to quality in carrying out job responsibilities, and is an asset to the staff of his/her department
    • Is willing to take initiative, and accepts and carries out additional responsibilities beyond regular job assignments
    • Is consistently dependable and punctual in reporting for duty, completing assignments on time, and participating in additional responsibilities
    • The achievements/accomplishments for which the employee is being recognized must have been accomplished within the last 60 days
    • No anonymous submissions will be accepted
    • The nominee’s eligibility will be confirmed by his or her supervisor prior to being named as the recipient of the award


1.   All nominations must be submitted on the official electronic form and received by the committee by the fifteen of the month in order to be considered for that month’s award. The winner will be announced the first of the following month.

2.  The MVP committee will review nominations and select a winner based on the above criteria. If a committee member is nominated, they will be excused from voting that month.

3.   Nominees will be judged on a point system.  Each criteria standard has a point value.  The highest scoring nominee will be considered for the award. If more than one nominee receives the same highest score, each of those nominees will have his or her name placed into a blind drawing for the month's selection.

4.  The Vice President of Human Resources shall make the initial appointment of the necessary number of committee members.

5.  Nominations may be made by anyone with an active affiliation with the university (i.e., staff, faculty, administrator, student).

6.  Any eligible employee may be nominated more than once, but will only be eligible to win the award once within a twelve (12) month period.

7.  Nominees who do not receive the award for the month in which they have been nominated, may be nominated again, but will not automatically remain in the nomination pool.

8. The nominator does not have to be the supervisor or director of the respective department; however, the nominator must be someone who has direct knowledge of the employee’s contributions.

Award recipients shall receive:

  • A designated parking space for the month during normal business hours (an official placard will be given to selected employees for the specific month)
  • An article recognizing the employee in FLTech Now