Service Awards

Effective Date May 26, 2015


Full-time Faculty and Staff

Reviewed Date:

April 2020  

Approved by:

Dr. T. Dwayne Mc ay,  President                  

6.14 Service Awards


All full-time, benefit eligible employees in the above mentioned ECLS categories may be eligible to receive a Service Award if certain employment conditions are met. Part-time employees, Temporary employees, or Adjuncts are not eligible. These awards are designed to thank the employee for their dedication to the University and are given out once per calendar year, typically in April.


The following procedure will determine an employee’s years of service:

One year of service will be credited to an employee for each full year completed. A full year is defined as 365 days of continued employment in good standing.

Upon completion of each five years of service an employee will be eligible for an Award. Service Levels Include: Five Years, Ten Years, Fifteen Years, Twenty Years, Twenty Five Years, Thirty Years, etc. The Award will be presented to the employee during the ceremony in the year directly following each five year Service Level.

  • For example: An employee hired in May 2000, would earn five years of service in May 2005, and the Award would be presented to the employee the following year in April 2006.

A Retirement Service Award requires at least Ten Years of Service. The Award will be presented to the employee during the ceremony in the year directly following the year in which they retired.

  • For example: An employee, who retired in May 2000, would be presented the Award in April 2001.

In the event an employee leaves the university and is re-hired at a later date, their years of service for an award will be calculated based on the service requirements as listed in the Reinstatement Policy. (8.17 Reinstatement) For this purpose, the Adjusted Service Date Record in Banner is used to calculate the years of service.

An employee must be actively employed by Florida Tech at the time of the ceremony in order to receive the Award and attend the ceremony. Employees who are not in good standing, or are not on payroll at the time of the ceremony will not be eligible for the Award. If an employee separates from the University after receiving an Invitation they may still receive their gift but will not be eligible to attend the ceremony.