University Related Travel

Effective Date Mar 1, 2015

Applicable Employee Classes:

All Florida Tech Employees

Reviewed Date:

March 2015

Approved by:

Dr. T. Dwayne McCay, President

6.12 University Related Travel


If you are required to travel in the performance of your assigned duties, you will be reimbursed for certain costs up to limited amounts according to the current published Florida Tech travel procedures.

You must obtain your supervisor’s approval prior to initiating any university business travel. The Employee Trip Itinerary Approval form* is to be used to obtain permission from your supervisor to perform the travel.

To claim reimbursement, an Expense Report, with all required approvals, must be submitted to the Accounts Payable Office within 10 business days of the completion of the travel. Receipts are necessary for certain types of expenses. Copies of the travel procedures can be obtained on the Office of Purchasing website at