Effective Date Jan 1, 2016

Applicable Employee Classes:Revised Date:Approved by:
All Florida Tech Employees May 2021 Dr. T. Dwayne McCay, President


This policy represents a commitment from the Office of Human Resources to assist hiring managers with the recruitment and hiring process.


Job Description -this form includes the responsibilities, required qualifications, and reporting relationships of the job. It will also specify the qualifications or skills needed by the person in the job, information about the equipment, tools and work aids used, working conditions and physical demands.

 Create Position - Positions are created in Workday for Full-Time or Part-Time, Faculty, Staff, and Temporary Employees. Positions are not created for Student Workers or Adjuncts. Create Position is only for new positions. If a position already exists and it is just being back filled, proceed to Create Job Requisition.

 Job Requisition - Job Requisitions are required in Workday for all Full-Time or Part-Time, Faculty, Staff, and Temporary Positions.

 The Job Description and Job Requisition are both required before posting a position.

It is recommended that the position is posted for five (5) days. During the posting period, the Hiring Manager will accept and review applications.

Positions will be posted to the Florida Tech careers site, Indeed, HigherEdjobs.com, and CareerSource Brevard's job board. Departments interested in conducting additional advertising should note the request in the job requisitions. Funding for the advertising will be provided by the hiring department.

Interview Process
Upon review of the applications, the hiring manager is responsible for scheduling interviews.

The Applicant Selection Form is to be used by the interviewing official at the completion of all interviews. These forms are part of our Affirmative Action Plan in compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines against any type of discrimination.

Once all interviews are completed and the hiring manager is ready to make a selection, the next step is to move the candidate forward to the offer stage of the hiring process for approvals.

New hires may start at different pay rates according to the corresponding pay grade for the position. Some guidelines apply for lateral transfers, promotions, and demotions. Should an internal applicant be selected for the position, the hiring and releasing supervisors will agree on an effective day of transfer that will cause the least disruption to the normal operation of the releasing department. Normal notice is two weeks. In the event the supervisors are unable to arrive at a mutually agreeable time frame, the maximum time the employee can be retained in the old position is one month.

The Office of Human Resources will extend the formal offer and proceed with the background check.