Mobile Allowance Program

Effective Date September 1, 2021

Eligible Employees:Reviewed Date:Approved by:
Determined by Role   Dr. T. Dwayne McCay, President

This policy establishes Florida Tech guidelines for participation in the Mobile Allowance Program for employee use of personally owned electronic devices for University related purposes.


The Mobile Allowance program enables designated Florida Tech Employees to utilize their personal mobile devices for business use in exchange for a monthly stipend that is paid to the employee via the bi-weekly payroll.  Under this program, Florida Tech will no longer issue University owned mobile devices. 


Employees authorized to use personal devices under this policy will receive an agreed-upon monthly stipend based on the position and estimated use of the device. If an employee obtains or currently has a plan that exceeds the monthly stipend, Florida Tech will not be liable for the cost difference.

The employee is responsible for purchasing a cell phone and establishing a service contract with the cell phone service provider or his/her choice.  The cell phone contract is in the name of the employee, who is solely responsible for all payments to the service provider.  New employees who meet Mobile Device Stipend eligibility requirements are responsible for acquiring a mobile device and plan of their choice and will begin receiving their stipend in the pay period following device activation.  The employee may use the phone for both business and personal purposes. 

Florida Tech does not accept liability for claims, charges or disputes between the service provider and the employee. Use of the phone in a manner contrary to local, state, or federal laws will constitute misuse, and may result in termination of the mobile stipend. Cell phones covered by this policy are used in part to conduct University business and/or to create, receive, send, or store University data and/or education records of students. As a result, information contained on devices covered by this policy are  subject to Federal and State data maintenance and protection laws such as FERPA and records retention requirements, as well as all University policies, including those pertaining to data security, acceptable use, and email. An employee receiving a University mobile stipend must comply with Federal, State, and University requirements, and assist the University in providing access to information about or contained on the cell phone covered by this policy in response to requests for such data or information by third parties as required by Federal and/or State law. Any cell phone that has data capabilities must be secured based on current security standards including password protection and encryption.

If a cell phone with data capabilities is stolen or missing, it must be reported to the employee’s supervisor and the wireless device service provider as soon as possible. Employees are expected to delete all University data from the cell phone when their employment with the University is terminated, except when required to maintain that data in compliance with a litigation hold notice.