Promotion and Transfer

Effective Date Jan 1, 2015

Applicable Employee Classes:

Reviewed Date:

Approved by:

All Florida Tech Non-Faculty Employees


Dr. T. Dwayne McCay, President

8.15 Promotion and Transfer


It is the policy of the university to have the best available person in every job. Consequently, positions will be filled with the best-qualified candidates without regard to race, sex, color, religion, creed, national origin or ancestry, age, marital status, disability, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity. When vacant or new positions occur, university employees may be promoted if they are qualified or could become qualified in a reasonable time. The university will select the best qualified applicant who can be obtained within the compensation range established for the job.

A promotion is defined as a change in job responsibilities having higher levels of responsibility and authority. The changes must be reflected in movement into a job in a higher pay grade. A promotion may be the result of the classification process or through the employment process.


The time may come when you would like to transfer to another job. If you believe that you are better equipped for work other than that which you are doing, talk to your supervisor.

Generally, you are expected to remain in your position for at least six months before you seek a promotion or a transfer. Your qualifications will be reviewed and if appropriate for the position, the Office of Human Resources will include your application in the pool of applicants for the position of interest. If you are interviewed and selected, your old and new supervisors will make appropriate arrangements to set the date of the transfer or promotion.

Occasionally, a waiver of a job search will be approved if the preferred candidate meets the qualifications specified in the job description and at least one of the following criteria apply:

  • The candidate is a regular full time or part time employee of the department deemed qualified to fill the vacancy. In most cases, “department” will be defined as a group of employees with the same department head.
  • The candidate is an employee pending layoff, on layoff, or an employee returning from disability leave who is deemed qualified to fill the vacancy.
  • The candidate is part of a current or previous applicant pool (within the previous 60 days) resulting from a search for a regular position with the same job title, minimum requirements and pay grade.

To initiate a waiver request, the department head must submit a letter to the Vice President of Human Resources detailing the rationale for the request. The department head and the Vice President of Human Resources must evaluate the internal mobility, equal opportunity, and affirmative action implications of the proposed action prior to filling a vacancy without a job search. The provost or appropriate vice president must indicate his/her approval on the request. After a decision on the waiver request is made, the requesting department head will be notified.

If a department has filled a vacancy by promoting an employee, upon promotion, the employee will receive an increase in pay sufficient to achieve the pay grade minimum of the new position. Such increases may result in a rate of pay no greater than the pay grade maximum, are subject to departmental budgetary limitations and approval by the provost or appropriate vice president and the Vice President of Human Resources. Exceptions to this policy will require approval by the president, after review by the provost or appropriate vice president.