Introductory Period - Nonexempt Employees Only

Effective Date Apr 1, 2015

Applicable Employee Classes:

All Florida Tech Employees except Faculty members and Exempt employees

Revised Date:

April 2015

Approved by:

Dr. T. Dwayne McCay, President

8.14 Introductory Period- Nonexempt Employees Only


All non-exempt employees are hired on an introductory period for the first six months of employment. The introductory period serves as a training or familiarization period, and during this period you will be under close observation by your supervisor. The decision to retain you as an employee depends, among other things, upon the quality and quantity of your work, your cooperativeness, dependability, common sense, initiative and attitude.

During the introductory period you will be entitled to all paid holidays. Benefits will be explained to you in detail during your new employee orientation. Subject to supervisory approval, employees may use paid sick leave as it accrues. Vacation leave is available after completion of one calendar month of employment in an eligible employee class.


Your supervisor will be continually reviewing your performance during the introductory period. By the end of the introductory period you will be notified whether you have successfully completed the introductory period or the period has been extended.

At the request of the department head, a 45-day extension of the introductory period may be approved. The intent of such extension is to provide the department with additional time to determine whether or not an employee will be successful in his/her job.

If such an extension is approved, a detailed outline of areas needed for improvement must be provided to and signed by the employee, and a copy must be provided to the Office of Human Resources. At the end of the extension, the employee and the Office of Human Resources must be advised, in writing, of the decision to retain or dismiss the employee. During the extension period, all conditions of the introductory period will apply.

At any time during the introductory period or during the course of your employment with us, the relationship with Florida Tech is still one of employment-at-will.