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Performance Evaluations

Effective Date Dec 1, 2014

Applicable Employee Classes:

All Florida Tech Non-Faculty Employees 

Reviewed Date:

December 2014

Approved by:

Dr. T. Dwayne McCay, President

8.12 Performance Evaluations


Periodically, but minimally once per year, your supervisor will conduct a performance evaluation that will provide a systematic and regular opportunity for you to discuss the broader aspects of your work and find out where you stand in relation to what is expected of you and how you are developing.

Some of the factors considered during a performance evaluation include:

  • The amount of supervision required
  • Your initiative
  • The quality and quantity of output
  • Your ability to work with others
  • Your creativeness
  • Your willingness to assume responsibility
  • Your dependability
  • Your attention to safety
  • Your attendance and punctuality


During your performance evaluation, your strengths and weaknesses will be explored with the goal of establishing specialized training programs to correct your weaknesses and help you advance your abilities. You can find a copy of this form on the Human Resources’ website