Performance Evaluations

Effective Date Dec 1, 2014

Applicable Employee Classes:

Reviewed Date:

Approved by:

All Florida Tech Non-Faculty Employees

November 2018

Dr. T. Dwayne McCay, President

8.12 Performance Evaluations


Periodically, but minimally once per year, your supervisor will conduct a performance evaluation that will provide a systematic and regular opportunity for you to discuss the broader aspects of your work and find out where you stand in relation to what is expected of you and how you are developing. 

While the annual performance evaluation is a singular process, we encourage frequent, real-time coaching and feedback to employees.  Both the employee and manager play a vital role in the performance evaluation process to make it productive and successful. 

 Some of the factors considered during a performance evaluation include:

  • Mission
  • Customer Service
  • Collaboration and Partnership 
  • Communication 
  • Technical Skills and Knowledge
  • Quality and Productivity
  • Problem Solving 
  • Leadership 


The performance review process is intended to be interactive and increase communication and collaboration between our managers and employees.  Managers are responsible for completing the annual performance evaluation for each employee.  This includes a formal evaluation of the previous 12-months of performance, conduct as well as contributions.