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Effective Date Jan 1, 2015

Applicable Employee Classes:

01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 10, 11, 13, and 16

Reviewed Date:


Approved by:

Dr. T. Dwayne McCay, President

8.16 Recruitment


This policy represents a commitment from the Office of Human Resources to support the needs of Florida Tech’s staff to fill various positions throughout the campus community as promptly and efficiently as possible. This policy applies to both existing and new positions as they become available.

The job vacancy is opened by completing a Position Request (PR). The PR must include approvals from the Department Head, the appropriate Vice President, Senior Vice President and Human Resources.

The normal posting period for any position is five (5) working days.
During the posting period, the Office of Human Resources will accept and review applications. The Office of Human Resources will refer qualified applications to the hiring department.

The Office of Human Resources is responsible for the campus job posting announcements. 
A waiver of a job search will be considered if (1) the preferred candidate meets the qualifications specified in the job description and (2) at least one of the following criteria apply:

  1. Internal selection: A regular full-time or part-time employee of the department is deemed qualified to fill the vacancy. In most cases, “department” will be defined as a group of employees with the same Department Head.
  2. Return to Work: An employee pending layoff, on layoff, or an employee returning from disability leave is deemed qualified to fill the vacancy.
  3. The nominated candidate is part of a current or previous applicant pool (within the past 60 days) resulting from a search for a regular position with the same job title, minimum requirements and pay grade.
  4. To initiate a waiver request, the Department Head must submit a letter to the Associate Vice President of Human Resources detailing the rationale for the request. The Department Head and the Associate Vice President of Human Resources must evaluate the internal mobility, equal opportunity, and affirmative action implications of the proposed action prior to filling a vacancy without a job search. The appropriate Vice President must indicate his/her approval on the request. After a decision on the waiver request is made, the requesting Department Head will be notified. Upon receipt of approval to waive the search, the Department Head may make a formal offer and submit a Human Resources Action form to appoint the selected employee into the position.

The hiring department may request advertising. Funding for the advertising will be at the hiring department’s expense. If the department is interested in conducting advertising, this must be indicated on the PR form. A draft ad should be included. Any draft will be subject to approval by the Office of Human Resources. If no draft is submitted, the Office of Human Resources will create the ad, based upon the information provided by the Personnel Requisition and the Job Analysis.

Hiring officials are encouraged to interview a minimum of five (5) applicants for each position as it is to their benefit to interview several high-quality candidates, enabling them to select the most qualified applicant.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)