Tuition Remission Policy for ROTC Unit

Effective Date Jan 1, 2016

Applicable Employee Classes:

Revised Date:

Approved by:

All Florida Tech ROTC Members


Dr. T. Dwayne McCay, President

11.3 Tuition Remission Policy for ROTC Unit


The Tuition Benefits policy is intended to provide employees of the Florida Tech ROTC unit and their eligible dependents with the opportunity to enroll in undergraduate or graduate course work for credit at the university at reduced cost.

  1. Military and Civil Service employees at Florida Tech ROTC unit are covered by this policy.
  2. Only dependent children and the employee’s current spouse are eligible to receive dependent tuition benefits under this policy. The Internal Revenue Code definition of dependent status shall apply in all cases. Employees may be required to show proof of dependent status for their children.
  3. The Florida Tech definition of eligibility to re-enroll shall apply in all cases. A copy of the text is printed in the Florida Tech catalog.
  4. For purposes of this policy, the academic year coincides with the university’s fiscal year.
  5. For purposes of this policy, a semester starts on the first day of classes and ends on the last day of the final exam period.


  1. All eligible individuals using the Florida Tech tuition benefit are expected to apply for the Florida Resident Access Grant (FRAG) and are encouraged to apply for other financial aid through the Florida Tech Financial Aid Office prior to applying for benefits under this policy.
  2. Employees must be in “Active” status when applying for benefits under this program. Employees on unpaid Leave of Absence are not eligible to apply for tuition remission benefits. For purposes of this policy, an employee without a summer appointment will be considered “Active” for the Summer Semester as long as she/he will return to “Active” status for the Fall Semester.
  3. Should an employee voluntarily separate from the Florida Tech ROTC unit due to government reassignment or separation, she/he may complete the academic semester in which she/he is enrolled under the terms of this policy as long as classes have started at the time of the separation. This provision also applies to the current spouse and/or dependent child(ren) enrolled under this policy. If the separation is involuntary, a pro-rated amount of tuition becomes due to Florida Tech.
  4. Employees using a tuition benefit under this policy must be matriculated in a degree-granting program at Florida Tech except in those cases where the employee is approved for professional development purposes.
  5. Dependents must be enrolled in a degree granting program and making satisfactory progress toward the degree (“transient” students matriculated at other institutions will be considered as satisfying this condition).
  6. Only regular credit courses are covered under this policy. Short courses, workshops, seminars, and flight fees are excluded. Regular credit courses taken for “audit” are only covered for employees if the course has been approved for professional development purposes. 
  7. The tuition portion of directed study is covered by this policy, but the per credit directed study fee is not covered by this policy and must be paid by the student.
  8. The applicant for tuition benefits must meet all the requirements of Florida Tech with respect to entrance examinations, admission, and academic standing. All fees and expenses not covered by this policy must be paid by the due date shown in the catalog. This policy provides remission for tuition only; no other fees or expenses are covered.
  9. In the event of the death or total disability of an employee, tuition benefits are extended to the currently enrolled dependent child(ren) and to child(ren) who matriculate at Florida Tech within five years from the date of death or total disability, provided that the employee has five or more years of service with the Florida Tech ROTC unit at the time of death or total disability. Survivor benefits are not extended to spouses.
  10. Undergraduate tuition benefits will be extended to dependent child(ren) of an employee retiring after twenty-five (25) or more years of service with the Florida Tech ROTC unit and attainment of age of sixty-two (62), providing that the child was a dependent both at the time of the retirement and either at the time of matriculation or at the time of the retiree’s death if death preceded matriculation.
  11. Application for tuition benefits may be obtained from the Office of Human Resources. The application must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources by the due date for tuition and fees as published in the catalog. The applicant proceeds with registration the same as any other student.
  12. The tuition benefit for employee or spouse is granted on a “space available” basis. The “space available” limitation does not apply to dependent child(ren). A course is determined to have “space available” if the course has the necessary number of registered students to justify offering the course for the semester, not counting employees and/or spouses enrolled under this policy, and has not reached the enrollment limit for the course section.
  13. An employee may take a maximum of six (6) credit hours per semester under this policy. With documentation and approval of the commanding officer of the unit, an employee may take more than six credit hours in a semester. If such a request is approved, the employee will be responsible for all costs above the six credit hours taken, the tuition benefit policy will be applied to the credits with the lowest cost. The employee will be responsible for payment of all remaining credits, at the appropriate rate. Should an employee elect to pay 100% of all credits taken, these limitations will not apply.
  14. An eligible dependent may take an unlimited number of credit hours per semester under this policy; however, dependents are limited to a total of 150 semester hours in tuition benefits or sufficient credits to earn one degree, whichever is less. Dependents may earn only one degree from Florida Tech through this tuition benefits program; however, dependents earning an associate’s degree remain eligible for a sufficient number of credits as may be needed to earn a bachelor’s degree.
  15. The university reserves the right to audit use of this program and, where appropriate, pursue collection for improper use.
  16. The benefits under this program do not accrue.
  17. The value of this benefit will be reported as income on an IRS Form 1099, issued to the ROTC employee every year.
  18. There is no waiting period for use of this benefit for employee, spouse, and/or dependent child(ren).
  19. An employee receives 100% tuition remission; an eligible dependent receives 90% tuition remission. Since the combination of financial aid and tuition remission is intended to total 100% of tuition charges, remission will be reduced by the amount of any other award received through the Florida Tech Office of Financial Aid. The sum of all awards, to include tuition remission, shall not exceed 100% of tuition costs. Awards paid directly to the employee are not subject to this provision.