Email Rules of Etiquette

Effective Date Apr 1, 2009

Email is a standard means of quick and easy communication. Common sense helps ensure that everyone benefits from the interaction. Although email exchange may be intended to be private, avoid communicating anything in an email you would not want to send on a postcard. Complete information on using Florida Tech's technology resources may be found in the Florida Tech Acceptable Use Policy.

Sign Your Messages
Include your name and email address at the bottom of your message, much like you would sign a letter. Some users include title, department, institution, phone number and fax number.

DON'T USE ALL CAPS or all lower-case letters
Using all one case of letters can make your message difficult to read. Some readers consider ALL CAPS similar to shouting.

Email is a letter or a memo
Following normal letter/memo writing practices (e.g., paragraphs, capitalization, spacing) greatly increases reader understanding. While it is unlikely that anyone will check your grammar, proper presentation helps to get the point across accurately.

Be careful with sarcasm
Sometimes humor does not come across as such when the recipient can't see your smiling face. Emoticons [little smiley faces like :-) ] placed after comments help to identify intended humor.

Include an accurate message subject
Readers may read or delete messages based on only sender and subject headings.

Don't respond to a list when you want to correspond with a person
Before you send a message, think about who your audience is. Messages sent to a group when intended for an individual just clutter up a lot of mailboxes, like getting junk mail at home. Be sure to check the To: line before you send the message.

Read It Before You Send It
Sometimes sending a quick message before realizing what you have written can be embarrassing. Keep in mind that hundreds of people could receive the correspondence you send to a list.

When replying to a message
Only include the pertinent sentences/phrases from the original message. Don't quote the entire Digest.

Unsolicited mass email (spam)
Sending “spam" violates the Acceptable Use Policy. Beware those emails that say "send to everyone you know." They are often based on hoaxes. Check it out before you pass it on. Outside of a subscribed list, consider that any email sent to more than twenty recipients is potential "spam."

Please refrain from all forms of harassment. This is a violation of the Florida Tech Code of Conduct as defined in the Student Handbook. Harassment includes directing obscene language at another person or group and directing verbal abuse at another person. Please refer to the Student Handbook for more information.

** Gathered from Multiple Sources on the Net