Appearance and Care of Room

Effective Date Aug 1, 2011

Residents are permitted to personalize their room. Residents are not permitted to use nails, screws, pins, acetate, adhesives, stickers, tape, or any other device that puts a hole in the wall or leaves a residue. Residents are not permitted to paint their room, build partitions, or remove, install, alter or change the room lock. 

Students are responsible for maintaining a clean room and/or apartment. Clean is defined as free from excessive dirt, stains, contaminants, impurities, excessive clutter, blood-born pathogens, laundry or other personal items and food waste that may cause a safety hazard. Students are responsible for emptying trash and cleaning personal and common areas of the room or apartment. Trash is to be placed in depositories that are located outside the residence halls. Failure to properly dispose of trash may result in individual or common area trash removal charges.

Upon inspection, Residence Life staff may require students to reconfigure, maintain or clean their room, apartment or appliance. Students may also be billed for trash removal, repairs and pest control associated with the lack of care of their room or apartment.

No more than twenty percent (20%) of any wall in a room or apartment is to be covered with decorations. Items may not be placed within two feet of any fire safety equipment. Any illegal or stolen property, including but not limited to construction signs or cones found in any room or apartment, may be confiscated and the resident subjected to disciplinary and/or legal action.