Checking Out of Your Residence Hall Room

Effective Date Aug 1, 2009

Any time students change their housing assignment, they must check out of their room with a Residence Life staff member. All students must remove all personal belongings, thoroughly clean the room, return the furniture to its original configuration, return key(s) and sign the Check-In Check-Out Form. Failure to do so may result in being charged for failure to check out (minimum $100 fine), lost keys (ranges from $75 - $250) and any other appropriate charges. All residents must check out of their housing assignment if not returning to university housing or the term has ended. 

Residence Life staff, RD and RAs, do not assess fees for damages, repairs, or cleaning. Final inspections of all rooms are conducted by university staff after you have checked out.

Students are responsible for all university property and damages that occur in their room, wing, floor and building. If the party responsible for the damage is not identified, the residents of the room, wing, floor and/or building will be billed for the cost. Common area damage charges may not be appealed and are only reversed if the person(s) responsible for the damage(s) is identified. Damages to property caused by a resident’s non-student guest are the responsibility of the student.