Residence Hall Keys

Effective Date Aug 1, 2009

Residence hall room keys and/or door access cards are issued by Campus Services. Residence hall keys are for use by the person assigned to the room only. Loaning, lending, borrowing, copying or giving a residence hall room key or key card to another individual is prohibited.

If you are locked out of your residence hall room, contact the Office of Security and Safety or a member of the Residence Life staff. Lockouts after the third week of classes result in a service charge.

There is a minimum re-core charge of $75 charge per lost or damaged bedroom room key. There is a minimum of $200 charge for lost or damaged building, wing, and floor access keys. Lost or inoperable keys and locks should be reported immediately. Keys must be returned at time of checkout. Failure to do so at that time will result in a lost key charge.