Room Change

Effective Date Jun 24, 2014

To request a room change, contact the assistant director of residence life at (321) 309-4500 to schedule an appointment.

The assistant director of residence life will facilitate the room change process. After the meeting, the student is responsible for completing a room change form and delivering it to Campus Services located on the first floor of Florida Tech Commons. Campus Services will provide the resident requesting the change access to the new room so that the resident can begin moving to the new location. The resident requesting the room change has 72 hours to return initial room key(s) and complete the room change once it has been approved.

To complete the room change, the resident must check out of current room with a member of the Residence Life staff, sign the Check-In Check-Out Form, and turn in the current room key(s). Failure to check out of the residence hall room may result in a minimum of $150 fine for an illegal room change.

The resident requesting the room change is the resident who is required to relocate to a new room. A resident cannot request that his/her roommate(s) be moved out.

Room changes are only permitted during the first six weeks of the semester.