Building/Facility Use

Effective Date Aug 1, 2009

Students may not enter any area where access is limited to authorized personnel. Examples include storage areas, equipment rooms, housekeeping areas, and roofs. Climbing, rappelling or any related activity on the outside of any building is prohibited.

Objects may not be thrown, dropped or suspended (i.e., flags, banners, etc.) from windows, roofs, balconies or other exterior areas.

Tampering with elevators or elevator equipment is prohibited. with the elevators. Anyone caught removing the permit, tampering with or vandalizing the elevators will face disciplinary action. Please do not sit or lean on balcony railings. Fire exit doors must be closed at all times except in the event of an emergency. Facilities should be entered or exited through a doorway only. At no time should the occupancy exceed the fire code or number deemed safe by university official.

Students must abide by any noise ordinances, quiet hours, or other posted signs or placards in any university facility.  Quiet hours in residence halls begin at 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and midnight on Friday and Saturday.

Door propping in any residential facility is prohibited. There is a minimum $200 fine for propping doors in residence hall facilities.

Facility Reservations

All approved student organizations are eligible to reserve campus venues for events including meetings, information tables, concerts, banquets and other events. All events held on campus including those held in outdoor areas such as the Panther Plaza must be reserved through the Virtual EMS Web site at Real-time venue availability can be determined from the site by clicking on “Browse” and then “Browse for Space.” Reservations for facilities items such as tables and chairs, as well as other services are also available through the Virtual EMS Web site.

There is no facility rental charge for approved student organizations to use campus venues; however, student organizations are responsible for covering any direct costs such as labor or catering. Any damages resulting from the use of campus venues will be invoiced to the student organization. All facilities being used must be returned to their original condition after use including cleanliness and re-organization of tables/chairs if necessary.

Individual students are not authorized to reserve on-campus venues for their personal use, as this constitutes an external event and external event policies may apply (For current rental rates and policies for holding an external event on campus please visit If a student needs to reserve campus venues for academic purposes such as a study group, the student’s professor should make the reservation for the study group via

Approved student organizations may request campus venues up to six months in advance via the EMS Web site. All campus venues should be reserved a minimum of three business days before the event; the Web site will not allow reservations to be created after this deadline. If a reservation is needed less than three working days before an event, contact the Conference Services Bureau at (321) 309-3836 and the appropriate assistant dean at (321) 674-8080 for approval and to book the event.

Panther Catering maintains the first right of refusal for food/beverage service for events held in the Hartley Room on the second floor of the Denius Student Center. A waiver of catering may be granted after speaking with the catering manager, who may approve arrangements with Evans Dining or the Rathskeller to provide food/beverage for the event. Serving of out-sourced food and/or beverages from off campus is not allowed in the lobby area outside the Hartley Room for events taking place inside the Hartley room.

Use of Campus Facilities

Any academic unit, department or recognized student organization wishing to sponsor an event on campus must complete an event/facility request form and comply with the university Event Liability Agreement as outlined below:

  1. The requester is defined as the person(s) whose name and signature appear on the event/facility request form.
  2. The requester understands the university reserves the right to terminate said event should behavior of the attendees become disorderly, rude or overly boisterous.
  3. If the program involves the presence of alcohol, the requesting organization must complete the major event form and comply with ALL university policies related to the serving of alcoholic beverages on campus.
  4. Should university property be damaged or destroyed, the requester and the requester’s organization shall be held liable for any replacement costs.
  5. Should any of the aforementioned conditions not be met, the requester and the requester’s organization are subject to one or more of the following sanctions:
    • Revocation of program privileges
    • Financial responsibility
    • University disciplinary action
    • Criminal prosecution
  6. The requester’s signature on the event/facility request form indicates the requester has read and understands the policies stated in the document.
  7. Requester (and requester’s organization) agrees to defend and hold harmless, Florida Institute of Technology, its board of trustees, officers, agents and employees from any claim or damages arising, in any manner whatsoever, out of the activity/event referred to herein.