Florida Tech ID Card

Effective Date Jan 5, 2010

A single, permanent ID card is issued to all Florida Tech students. This card, when properly validated, entitles the student to use of select university facilities, access to the campus dining services and admission to specifically announced activities/events.

A student’s ID card is for the sole use of the individual to whom it has been assigned and is not transferable. The student assumes all liabilities for any charges arising for the use of the card. There is a replacement fee for damaged, lost or stolen cards. The ID card remains the property of the university and must be returned to the Campus Services if the student leaves during the academic year, is dismissed or transfers.

Students are responsible for carrying their panther identification card with them at all times and presenting it to university officials or agents upon request.  Students are strongly encouraged to wear lanyards to display their ID so that it is easily seen by a university official.  If the panther identification card is stolen, misplaced, or lost, notify Campus Services immediately. It is a violation to be in possession of or use another person's panther identication card.

Online students may request an ID card by going online and selecting "Online Card Request."