Effective Date Aug 1, 2014

Florida Tech affirms the principle that the university community should be a place of work and learning for staff, faculty, students and guests, free of all forms of sexual, racial and religious harassment, intimidation or exploitation. All students, staff and faculty should be aware that the university is prepared to take action to prevent and correct such behavior and individuals who engage in it are subject to disciplinary action.


Harassment—The use of threatening words or actions that are likely to, or do in fact, cause emotional distress. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Attempting or threatening to subject another person to unwanted physical or verbal contact.
  2. Following another person in or about a public place or private places.
  3. Directing obscene language or gestures at another person or group of people.
  4. Directing verbal abuse at another person.
  5. Creating a racially intimidating, hostile or offensive social or educational environment.
  6. Creating a religiously intimidating, hostile or offensive social or educational environment.
  7. Creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment based on a person’s sexual orientation or sexual identity.

Redress For Harassment

Students who believe they have been harassed may obtain redress via the established informal and formal procedures of the university. Complaints about harassment will be responded to promptly and equitably. The right to confidentiality of all members of the university community will be respected in both formal and informal procedures insofar as possible. Formal procedures will not be initiated without a written signed complaint. Retaliation against individuals for bringing complaints of harassment will not be permitted. The university’s policy against retaliation cannot of course impair the right of any individual to secure legal redress in the courts.

Formal complaints by any students, including graduate students and teaching/research assistants, against another student must be submitted to the dean of students. Those complaints against faculty members must be submitted to the appropriate academic unit head, executive vice president/chief operating officer or director of human resources. Those against a staff person, professional employee or university vendor must be submitted to the appropriate vice president, senior administrator or the director of human resources.