Immunization Requirements

Effective Date Jul 2, 2009

Florida Tech requires all new Melbourne campus undergraduate students to show proof they have received two (2) MMR Vaccines (measles-mumps-rubella). Students must show proof of immunization with a valid “shot record” issued by their physician, school program, county health department or other government agency, depending on their country of origin. A blood test (Titers) indicating immunity to these infections can be submitted in lieu of the shot record.

Students who have not received the mandatory immunizations are required to be vaccinated before any future registration. Failure to show proof of immunizations or to receive the vaccinations will preclude any future registration. Immunizations are available for a fee at the student health center.

All graduate and undergraduate students attending class on the main campus who originate from Tuberculosis (TB) endemic areas of the world (Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America including Mexico, Eastern Europe and the Pacific Islands) are required to be screened for TB before attending classes.

Students living on campus must provide documentation of vaccination for Hepatitis B and Meningitis or sign a waiver acknowledging receipt of information regarding the risks of these infections, but declining immunization.