Sound Permit Policy

Effective Date Aug 1, 2009

The following policy shall be implemented when a sound permit is obtained or when one is required by the city of Melbourne, Florida, and while the event is in progress. At least one month prior to the event requiring a sound permit, the organization having the event shall ensure one is requested and pay the fee. This may be done by indicating the need for the permit on the Major Event Request form and by completing the lower portion of this form. If you are unsure if the event needs a permit, you may contact the Office of Student Life or Campus Security.

A copy of the permit shall be in the possession of the requesting party and on site during the event; a copy will also be given to the Office of Student Life and to Campus Security. The day of the event the following procedures shall be implemented. Either the requesting party or the Director of Security shall notify the Melbourne Police Department (MPD) of the event and inform them that:

  1. There is an event requiring a permit.
  2. The times of the event.
  3. The exact location of the event.
  4. The name and cell phone number of the person with the permit or the number of security.
  5. We have a sound meter and will be monitoring the event to ensure compliance with all applicable Melbourne City sound policies.
  6. If they receive any complaints about sound they can call the person in charge (PIC) or Security to report the complaint. We will inform them that we will gladly use the meter to ensure that we are in compliance.
  7. Obtain the name of the officer or dispatcher calling you.
  8. After checking the sound meter for compliance, the PIC will call the police officer or dispatcher and thank them for calling and let them know of the decibel reading and that we have taken care of the situation.
  9. If the MPD insists on sending an officer, we will show them the meter and that we are in compliance.
  10. If there is any insistence by the responding MPD officer to shut down the event, the person in charge of the event who is holding the sound permit shall respectfully request that a supervisory officer respond and upon his arrival show the supervisor the meter and its readings.
  11. If at that time, we are unable to comply with the requirements of the permit or the MPD insists that the event be stopped, we will comply. The PIC will also contact a security supervisor.
  12. At no time will any person in negotiations with MPD argue. We will be polite and comply with all their commands.
  13. At the conclusion of any MPD involvement, whether the event was stopped or not, a memo outlining the circumstances shall me made and copies delivered to the Dean of Students and the Director of Security. The Director of Security shall be informed via phone about the incident as soon as practical after the incident either by the PIC or the responding security officer. 
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