Vendor Policy

Effective Date Aug 1, 2009

Note: See also policy on Buildings/Facility Use

Vendors are not permitted on university property unless sponsored by a university academic unit, department or organization. The sponsoring academic unit or organization must reserve space for the vendor. An event/facility request form must be on file with the Office of Student Life. Blank event request forms can be obtained from the Office of Student Life or at University academic units or organizations may not sponsor more than three vendors per semester. Vendors are permitted a maximum of five days per event once they are sponsored. No credit card companies, other than the Florida Tech Alumni Association credit card, will be allowed to solicit on campus.

Solicitation Areas

Solicitation areas are limited to specified locations. The reserved areas are available for ticket sales, information distribution, etc. Signs may only be placed in the immediate vicinity of the reserved area to draw attention to the event. Spaces that can be used by vendors and university academic units/offices and organizations are the Denius Student Center’s first floor hallway, the second floor lounge area and the external area known as the Panther Plaza.

Tables and Tents

Tables may be reserved on a daily basis for the first floor hallway, but only one table can be used per group. A university academic unit or organization may reserve a hallway table providing that another group is not already booked for that location. If tables are needed for the Panther Plaza or the second floor lounge, the requesting academic unit or organization must make arrangements through the Office of Student Life.

Tents may be erected in the Panther Plaza, residential quad or academic quad areas. Tents must be above ground and arrangements must be made through the Office of Facilities Management. Student organizations must have approval from the Office of Student Life. A permit needs to be secured from the City of Melbourne by the Office of Facilities Management.


Vendors must be in compliance with the university posting regulations outlined in university policy.


Vendors may drive along the service road adjacent to the Denius Student Center for the purpose of loading and unloading materials. While loading or unloading, the vehicle’s hazard flashers must be activated. Vehicles must then be parked in the lot west of Country Club Road.