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Flight Fees

All flight fees shown are to be used as guidelines only and are subject to change. Variations in fuel price, student aptitude and performance, and other factors beyond the university's control may impact total flight course costs.

The cost for each flight course is the sum of four cost components: aircraft (dry/no fuel), fuel, flight instructor and flight training device (FTD/simulator). The component costs for Summer 2020, Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 are: 

Cost Component
Archer Aircraft (dry/no fuel) $149
Citabria Aircraft (dry/no fuel) $150
Seminole Aircraft (dry/no fuel) $245
Warrior Aircraft (dry/no fuel) $137
Simulation Devices Cost/Hour
Frasca 242 (multiengine trainer)  $95
Frasca Mentor $65
Redbird Crosswind Trainer $40
Redbird MCX $75
Flight Instruction $70
Current market price/gallon multiplied by the average fuel consumption rate for the aircraft flown multiplied by the actual flight hours.

 Budgeting for Flight

Flight training costs are incurred in addition to the university's regular tuition and fees. To assist in budgeting flight costs, Table A lists typical annual flight costs for the core flight courses, assuming a $6/gallon fuel price. Fuel is priced at the market rate, and due to the changing cost of fuel, oil and other petroleum products, a surcharge may be added.

TABLE A: Core Flight Curriculum (with fuel)

Flight Hours 
Typical Cost Outcome
Year 1 70 $23,759 Private Pilot License plus additional experience
Year 2 38 $13,130 Instrument Rating
Year 3 95 $28,194 Commercial Pilot Multiengine (CP-ME)
Year 4 25 $13,541  Flight Instructor – Airplane (elective)
Total 228 $78,624  

The largest single variable in flight training cost is student performance. Success in minimum time and cost can only be achieved with student dedication and thorough preparation for each lesson. Flight training performance incentive scholarships shall be awarded for first-year students whose flight training progress meets established goals for various flight phases. Additional flight electives beyond the core flight courses may be required depending on the degree program selected. Elective flight course minimum costs are listed in Table C.

TABLE B: Core Flight Courses Minimum Costs (with fuel/per term)

Core Courses Credit
Typical Cost
AVF 1001 Flight 1 2 45 $13,213
AVF 1002 Flight 2 2 25 $10,546
AVF 2001 Flight 3 2 38 $13,130
AVF 2002 Flight 4  2 95 $29,194
Total   203 $65,083

 TABLE C: Elective Flight Courses Minimum Costs

Elective Courses
(minimum flight fees with fuel) 
Min. Cost
AVF 1000 Private Pilot Certificate 2 45 $14,716
AVF 1003 CP Stage 1 2 25 $6,609
AVF 2002 Flight 4 (CP-SE) 2 95 $23,634
AVF 2103 CP-SE Add-on to CP-ME 1 13 $4,550
AVF 3001 Flight Instructor-Airplane 2 25 $9,568
AVF 3002 Flight Instructor-Instrument 2 15 $4,976
AVF 3004 Complex Instrument (Arrow) 2 16 $4,633
AVF 3005 TAA Instruments 2 6 $5,860
AVF 3008 Aerobatic Flight 1 7 $2,896
AVF 3009 Intermediate Aerobatic (Citabria) 1 7 $2,850
AVF 3010 International Operations (Seminole) 1 6 $3,292
AVF 3012 Conventional Gear Transition (Citabria) 1 12 $4,529
AVF 3101 CFI-SE Add-on to MEI 2 NA $7,680
AVF 4001 Multiengine Pilot 2 19 $9,344
AVF 4002 Flight Instructor-ME 2 25 $11,050
AVF 4003 Air Taxi 2 19 $7,764
AVF 4006 ME Crew Operations 2 50 $11,539
AVF 4090 Special Topics in Flight Training 0–3  Varies Varies
AVF 4090 Jet Transition (Special Topics) 2   $4,189
AVF 4102 Initial CFI-ME 2 28 $11,357
AVF 4500 Commercial Pilot Certificate and Type Rating 3 Varies Varies


Additional Costs
Books and Equipment $750
FAA Examiner Checkride $550/$700/each
FAA Medical Exam (may vary depending on location) $100–150
FAA Written Tests $175/each

Making Your Flight Payment

The Panther Card must be used to pay flight costs on a pay-as-you-go basis. An initial deposit of $4,000 (or the minimum flight course cost if less than $4,000) is required at the beginning of each course. Flight costs are calculated and deducted from the Panther Card account at the conclusion of each lesson. A $1,000 minimum balance is required in most courses to ensure flight training continuity.