Archives Research and Access Policy

Effective Date Apr 9, 2008

The Harry P. Weber University Archives and the Special Collections (referred to collectively as ‘Library’ or ‘the Archives’) are committed to preserving and making available records of enduring value to the public through online finding aids. The University Archives and Special Collections are available by appointment during library hours of operation. Researchers wishing to use the materials accept the following conditions of access:

  1. The Archives may limit or deny the use of original records deemed too physically vulnerable to withstand handling by researchers. In such cases, the Archives will do everything possible to provide the researcher with a suitable reference copy.
  2. The Archives has the right to deny access to unprocessed materials. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the University Archivist or Special Collections Curator.
  3. The Archives may also deny access to the collections for any of the following reasons: Donor or legal restrictions, lack of documentation or description, or physical condition.
  4. All researchers are asked to sign a researcher agreement form and provide identification upon request.
  5. The Library may deny access to any researcher who has demonstrated carelessness, deliberate destructiveness, or the potential for harm toward Florida Tech staff, student workers, interns, volunteers, property, or collections.
  6. The Library may restrict the number and type of personal belongings a researcher may have out while working with the materials.
  7. The Library has the right to search all property in a researcher’s possession upon arrival and departure from the University Archives or Special Collections including but not limited to: backpacks, briefcases, purses, tote bags, laptop cases, envelopes, packages, and office equipment.
  8. The Archives may inform users of parallel research by others utilizing the same material without disclosing specific or personal information. Researchers may elect to allow the Archives to provide contact information to parallel researchers or to facilitate an introduction.
  9. Electronic, photographic, or paper reproductions of most items may be obtained from library staff provided no donor agreements or laws are broken.
  10. There is no charge to access the collections. Reasonable fees may be charged for reproduction services and materials provided by the Library.

Researchers complete the Researcher Agreement Form indicating they agree to abide by the following procedures:

  • Open only one box or bound volume at a time.
  • Remove and open only one folder at a time.
  • For paper records, keep records flat on the table at all times.
  • Use book supports provided for bound volumes.
  • Do not lean on or place items on top of materials.
  • Keep items in the order they are found.
  • Wear white or nitrile gloves provided by staff when handling the materials.
  • Leave all bags on the floor in plain view.
  • Notepaper, notecards, pencils, and laptops may be used while accessing materials.
  • The following may NOT be used when accessing materials: liquids, food, pens, highlighters, pressure-sensitive note taking devices, flashlights, sticky notes, or sharp objects.
  • Cameras may be used subject to approval by library staff.
  • It is the responsibility of the researcher to abide by copyright law in the use of archival materials.