Business Administration - Global Management and Finance, B.S.

Business Administration - Global Management and Finance, B.S.

What is a global management and finance Degree?

Global Management DegreeThe business administration - global management and finance program prepares students for work in domestic or foreign-based companies involved in international trade or finance. Emphasizing the impact of national culture in shaping values, behaviors and business practices, students apply critical thinking to evaluate global financial issues related to currency fluctuations, exchange rate risk, and multinational investment and capital budgeting.

Whether you want to be a global sales manager, cross-cultural customer relations specialist or an international entrepreneur, a global management degree from Florida Tech gives you a strong background in business as well as a valuable skillset in global financial management, cross cultural management and global macroeconomics.

Begin Specializing in Your Sophomore Year

A global management degree prepares students to jump right into the business world with courses such as Global Business Perspectives, Macroeconomics and Computer Applications for Business. The Nathan M. Bisk College of Business is internationally focused, from business strategy to cultural awareness. As you progress through the curriculum, you are able to take elective courses such as International Trade, Global Communications, Business in the Western Hemisphere. You may even choose to concentrate in a foreign language.

Gain Practical Experience

Part of the global management degree program is the practicum in business, a professional internship course in which you apply your business skills and savvy within a dynamic local company. As a result, you get practical experience, an expanded professional network and perhaps even a pre-graduation job offer. Writing business plans, conducting market research, developing financial acumen, building leadership and teamwork skills and understanding ethical decision-making are capabilities you develop through hands-on projects and national competitions.

Build Professional Relationships

Beyond the classroom, global management degree majors develop leadership experience through exciting internships and participation in academic organizations like Delta Mu Delta (national business society), the Society for Advancement of Management, the International Business Club, student government and over 100 other student organizations. In addition, global management degree students learn about international business through Florida Tech's culturally enriched study abroad programs to areas such as Spain, the Netherlands and Oxford, England.

Get Recruited Upon Graduation

Many large companies visit Florida Tech's Employer Day each semester, giving students the opportunity to network, look for internships and discover the opportunities a global management degree might provide. Employers that have recruited Florida Tech students for internships and careers include GE, Duracell, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Northrop Grumman.

Earn an Advanced Degree

After receiving their global management degree, many of our students go on to graduate school at Florida Tech to pursue their MBA, an interdisciplinary M.S. in Innovation and Entrepreneurship degree or even attend law school.

Why pursue a global management and finance Degree at Florida Tech?

Florida Tech offers an exciting global management program in an environment that nurtures success and embraces multinational diversity. As globalization drives businesses onto international shores, the demand for international business professionals with global preparedness also increases.

The Global Management Program Delivers an International Perspective

The Nathan M. Bisk College of Business is internationally focused. Students learn alongside their international peers both on-campus and through virtual teams, bringing together students from around the globe using Cloud and Web technologies. Students have an opportunity to study abroad, take advantage of international internships and participate in a post-graduate business practicum to jump start their career. Florida Tech's global management program students can also:

  • Enjoy a global experience as they interact with a diverse student population, 30% of whom come from more than 100 countries around the world
  • Work closely with high quality faculty who have expertise in various international business disciplines such as economics, accounting, management, finance and marketing
  • Benefit from small class sizes
  • Participate in innovative class projects such as the X-Culture project

Florida Tech Integrates Business Courses with Hands-On Global Experience

Global management program students hone their finance and international business skills through hands-on projects and national competitions such as:

  • Strategic Management Intercollegiate Case Competition
  • Cadillac Case Competition, where Florida Tech students placed fourth among 53 universities
  • ANGA Collegiate Energy Challenge
  • Honda CRZ Social Marketing Challenge
  • Florida National Guard Promotion Challenge

Campus-Based Research Opportunities

  • Center for Entrepreneurship and New Business Development - The center focuses on entrepreneurial education, global innovation and practical research in pursuit of new venture creation, sustainability, social value creation and venture acceleration.
  • Center for Ethics and Leadership - The mission of the center is to promote the practice of ethical behavior and effective leadership by engaging in activities that provide a forum for research, discussion and better understanding of ethics and leadership amongst all stakeholders in society.

Expanded Learning Opportunities

The Nathan M. Bisk College of Business is dedicated to fostering ethical decision-making and educating leaders who make thoughtful decisions, set high standards and promote corporate accountability. Key initiatives in the global management program include an ethics and leadership breakfast, intercollegiate ethics competition, leadership conference and projects about corporate social responsibility.

Contribute Your Unique Point of View

The Internationalizing Campus Committee was established to integrate international perspectives into the university academic experience. As a business student in the global management program, you have the opportunity to contribute your unique point of view to this ongoing process.

Great Florida Location

Other global management program colleges can't compete with our location on Florida's Space Coast. Year-round warm weather, close proximity to beautiful Atlantic Ocean beaches, NASA Kennedy Space Center, the Indian River Lagoon, Port Canaveral, Sebastian Inlet and a wealth of entertainment in Orlando make Florida Tech the college of choice. The university also offers a wealth of student organizations and intramural sports, and is just minutes from the airport and highway travel.

Choose Florida Tech for a global management program degree in business administration.

How will a global management and finance Degree prepare me for the future?

A business degree is a valuable commodity in all manner of business environments–public or private, for-profit or nonprofit, large or small. Florida Tech's business administration degree program is designed to give students more than just classroom learning; it provides resume- building experiences, insight into industries of interest through projects and internships and business networking opportunities.

Students develop real world global management skills through culturally rich study abroad programs. During the summers of their junior year, students study in Europe and Asia while taking courses relevant to their degree. Some of these study abroad locations include:

  • Oxford, England
  • Rome, Florence and Venice, Italy
  • The Netherlands
  • Taichung, Taiwan

As our students study in Europe and Asia, they visit corporations to see how multinational companies deal with a global economy.

Take Part in the Business Research Course

If students choose to study abroad over summer in Europe or Asia, they return ready to put their global management skills to work in the Business Plan Research Course. This critical thinking-focused course challenges students to develop a business plan for a real or hypothetical opportunity. Students take the business plan from a concept to a full-fledged program.

Post-Graduation Business Practicum Jump Starts Employment

Students can choose to study in Europe as part of a business practicum the summer after their senior year. This practicum gives students a way to immediately apply their global management skills in the workplace. Business practicums also serve as an opportunity to forge networks outside the U.S. for potential careers in the field of international business.

Make Contacts in a Club or Organization

Professional organizations are the perfect way for students to develop global management skills. The business honor society Delta Mu Delta helps students make connections nationally and internationally as they prepare to enter a global job market. Delta Mu Delta also helps develop academic excellence in business students.

The Florida Tech Entrepreneur Club also allows students to meet with local entrepreneurs to learn more about business first hand and exchange creative ideas.

What can you do with a global management and finance Degree?

Graduates with a degree in business administration, global management and finance from Florida Tech will find a wide range of opportunities for a global management career. If you are interested in studying the relationship between business and globalization, have an interest in language, travel, different cultures and economic systems, you will be prepared to navigate the borderless world of 21st-century business.

Career Outlook

Whether you embark on your global management career immediately after graduation or wait to complete graduate school, a Florida Tech degree will prepare you well for opportunities in commerce, industry, government or international law.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook, published by the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, provides detailed information about hundreds of occupations, including, entry-level education, overall working environment and employment prospects.

According to the bureau, employment among managers in finance and international business will continue to grow as the economy grows, and as more and more companies expand their businesses abroad.

One of the most desirable global management careers is that occupied by management analyst. The Bureau estimates that employment for management analysts is expected to grow 22% between 2010 and 2020. Much of the growth will be from the sheer volume of international businesses as U.S. organizations expanding their businesses abroad need professionals with the skills necessary to help them formulate successful strategies for competing in the international arena.

Another profession available to those pursuing a global management career is that of financial analysts. These individuals provide guidance to businesses and government agencies making investment decisions. The ability to assess the performance of stocks, bonds and other types of investments in international commodities markets places such individuals in high demand.

Check the handbook on these careers and similar jobs.

Career Options

A global management career offers many options:

  • Economist
  • Interpreters and Translator
  • Diplomat
  • Management Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • International Law Attorney
  • Survey Researcher
  • Executive

Entry Level Salary Expectations

Entry-level salaries in finance are reported by to be $47,700 with the opportunity to grow to $85,400. is an online salary information company that helps people obtain accurate real-time information on job market compensation. While the site does not specifically report data for management analysts and global management, similar occupations can provide insight into the career opportunities you might find. With many industry variables, the country you might work in and the level of your education, further research can help you better see the financial potential of a global management career.

Accounting: $44,300 - $74,500
Business: $41,400 - $70,000
Economics: $48,500 - $94,900

Get Recruited Upon Graduation

Companies such as Harris Corp., Northrop Grumman, Rockwell, NASA Kennedy Space Center and Clear Channel Outdoor recruit business graduates. Florida Tech graduates are especially competitive in the market for leadership careers because of the experience and education gained while earning their degree. In addition to the core curriculum, each student has an opportunity to participate in a study abroad semester between the junior and senior years, and given the option of participating in an international business practicum in the semester after graduation.

A global management career offers the Florida Tech graduate a world of opportunities!

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