Academic Curriculum Committee (ACC)

Committee Charge

The Academic Curriculum Committee (ACC) is responsible for reviewing and recommending to the Provost the addition of new or the deletion or modification of existing undergraduate and graduate curricula. The Academic Curriculum Committee is also responsible for the oversight, on-going review, and improvement of the university’s core (general education curriculum).

Specifically, this committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Provost regarding:

  • Adding academic programs at a new or existing off-campus instructional site
  • Adding a new degree, major, certificate, minor, specialization, or concentration to the curriculum or re-opening a program that was previously offered
  • Adding a new method of delivery to an existing academic program (face to face, distance (at least 50%))
  • Changing co/pre-requisites or credits of a course
  • Changing graduation requirements in a major/minor (including changes in program length or credit hours)
  • Closing an academic program (including at an off-campus site)
  • Credit for external examinations for advanced standing
  • For graduate level courses -reviewing syllabi to ensure curricula contain opportunities for student to review literature in their discipline and engage in research, professional practice, and/or training opportunities
  • Requesting an online course to have the same number as an on-campus course
  • The academic components of any cooperative academic arrangements (defined by SACSCOC as an agreement with an institution or entity to deliver program content with credit being recorded on our transcript as our own)
  • The addition of a new course to the curriculum
  • The establishment of a dual degree or joint academic award with another institution

Committee Membership

The voting membership of the ACC is comprised of full-time faculty representatives from the university’s colleges. Faculty members are nominated by their respective Dean to the Provost for a committee service term of one year, renewable for a second year. Nominated faculty members must be full-time faculty members in the college. At least one of the representatives from each college must be a graduate faculty. Faculty members may serve for up to two consecutive years. After two consecutive years the Dean must nominate a new faculty member. A faculty member is able to be re-nominated for service on the committee following a one-year hiatus.

2021-2022 Voting Members:

  •  College of Aeronautics: 
  • Nathan M. Bisk College of Business: 
  • College of Engineering and Science: 
    • Dr. Jean-Paul Pinelli, Professor, Civil Engineering, Department of Mechanical & Civil Engineering
    • Dr. Anthony Smith, Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Department of Computer Engineering & Sciences
  • College of Psychology and Liberal Arts: 
  • General Education: 
    • Liberal Arts: Dr. Debbie Lelekis, Associate Professor & Acting Humanities Program Chair, School of Arts and Communications
    • Mathematics: Dr. Jian Du, Associate Professor & Applied Math Program Chair, Department of Mathematical Sciences
    • Science: Dr. Andrew Palmer, Associate Professor & Marine Sciences Program Chair, Department of Ocean Engineering & Marine Sciences

Non-voting Administrative Members:

Committee Guests & Open Meetings

The Academic Curriculum Committee (ACC) may regularly invite faculty and other guests who are subject matter experts in the curriculum matter being discussed to provide context and answer questions from the committee members.

 ACC meetings are open to all Florida Tech faculty, administrators, and staff. Non-committee members in attendance can contribute to the discussion and provide questions, comments, and other information for the committee to consider as part of their deliberations.  After the open discussion, the committee deliberates and votes. Guests may not disrupt final committee deliberation and voting. 

Non-committee members are welcome to bring forward prospective items for the committee’s consideration.  Those items should be submitted in advance to the chair or brought up at the end of the meeting as other business and will be considered for a future agenda.

Meeting agenda, supporting documents, minutes, and recordings of committee meetings will be made available to the Florida Tech community on the ACC webpage.

Committee Calendar & Delayed Voting Mode

The Academic Curriculum Committee (ACC) meets two to three times per month all calendar year.  One meeting a month may be dedicated to the general education curriculum or other special curriculum topic.

The first meeting (or second if three meetings occur in the month) are designated for the committee to review and discuss items on the agenda.  Voting occurs only at the final meeting of the month. This gives committee members the opportunity to continue the discussion with their college, department, or program(s) and bring additional feedback and insight before final. The chair will provide time for final discussion and deliberation before the official vote.

ACC voting members are expected to be available throughout the year to regularly attend meetings.