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COPLA Connections Magazine

Welcome to COPLA Connections Magazine, an annual publication showcasing news, events, and updates in the College of Psychology and Liberal Arts. 

Our essential purpose is to present timely information on our College that will inform, engage, educate, inspire, and entertain a diverse readership, including the greater Florida Tech community (administration, faculty and staff, students, alumni and friends) and general public. 

We are committed to offering readers a mix of compelling, newsworthy, and engaging articles about COPLA and its people. With stories written by students, faculty, and alumni, we endeavor to present honest written and visual presentations of those connected with our College while also reflecting its diversity and demonstrating the values and quality of the Florida Institute of Technology

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For more information on the magazine, please contact COPLA Connections editor, Rolanda Hatcher-Gallop, a communication instructor in the School of Arts and Communication.

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Email the editor.

Editorial Content

Please send all editorial suggestions to our COPLA Connections editor, Rolanda Hatcher-Gallop, at and include ‘COPLA Magazine Idea’ in the subject line. 

The editor and editorial consultants of COPLA Connections work in consultation with the COPLA Dean, faculty, staff, current students, and alumni when selecting story ideas and creating content. Additional suggestions concerning content are always welcome, but the editor can make no assurances regarding the use of suggested or provided material. 

All content is subject to editing by the COPLA Connections staff, with accuracy, organization, and comprehension at the forefront. Any questions that arise during editing are queried back to the contributing writer in order to ensure the information is accurate, fact-checked, and presented as they intended.

Contributing Photographs

Photographs of College events or those of the greater Florida Tech community with a connection to COPLA are also welcome and should be emailed to Mrs. Hatcher-Gallop in jpeg format. They should not be manipulated in any way other than cropping and correction for color, sharpness, brightness and contrast.

Alumni News

To be included in Alumni News, information about alumni activities should be submitted to Florida Tech Alumni Affairs. Information should be timely, usually no more than six months old. Please include a photo of the alumni and/or activity (i.e., receiving award, speaking, presentation, publication, wedding, children, etc.). All news selected for inclusion in COPLA Connections magazine are rewritten in Alumni News style and are subject to editing for length, style and clarity. Final decisions concerning Alumni News belong to the COPLA Connections editor and editorial consultants.


COPLA Connections magazine does not accept nor publish advertisements from companies and individuals outside of the College of Psychology and Liberal Arts and Florida Institute of Technology. Ads focused on COPLA courses and programs are accepted on a limited basis. Please consult the magazine editor for more information. 


The editor and editorial consultants of COPLA Connections magazine use fact-checking and proofing in an endeavor to avoid publishing erroneous information. However, when an error in content is discovered, please contact the editor.

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