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Music Courses

The Florida Tech Music Program is committed to providing students from all major fields with varied academic and extracurricular opportunities to practice, refine, share and showcase musical talents at any level. Courses are offered in four different categories: ensemble, applied, theory, and literature. 

Van Riper Jazz

The Concert Choir, String Orchestra, Concert Band, and Jazz Ensemble engage students in large ensemble participation, including two weekly rehearsals and a final performance at the end of the semester. In some semesters, a second performance on- or off-campus is included. For students seeking more ensemble participation, we also have chamber ensembles like the a cappella choir, string quartet, and Jazz Syndicate combo. All ensembles are 1.0 credit and may be taken multiple times. 

Private instruction is provided for dedicate students in the Music Program, both music minors and regular participants in the large ensembles. Students enrolled in private lessons receive 14 weekly lessons and give a solo performance on a group recital at the end of the semester. Private instruction is 0.5 credits and requires approval from the instructor and Director of Music Programs. Additionally, group applied instruction is available in guitar and piano at the beginner and intermediate level, and, with sufficient demand, applied workshops in audio and recording techniques are offered. Group applied instruction is 1.0 credit and meets twice a week.

Van Riper Wind

All courses in Music Theory and Music Literature satisfy the (HU) elective designation and are 3.0 credits. The World Music class also satisfies the requirements for the Cross Cultural Competency certificate. No prior music experience is required for Music Theory 1 or any of the Music Literature courses, as long as students are at the appropriate class rank. 

Please contact the appropriate ensemble conductor (see side menu) for questions regarding the ensembles. For all other music course and registration questions, please contact Dr. Kevin R. Burke, Director of Music Programs.

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