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The Florida Tech Online Writing, Research, and Design Center is a one-stop resource for all students and faculty.  Here you will find guidance and tutorials on composing materials for academic and professional purposes.  This composition can be in the form of writing, research, or design, and resources from around the university are combined here to allow students the ease and flexibility to address specific needs. 

From writing an undergraduate research paper and creating a senior design project, the OWRDC provides students 24/7 access to templates and tutorials that help make composing and design project composition easier, quicker, and of higher quality.  Start now by navigating through the three different areas of Writing, Research, and Design, to get familiar with the many options available. 


To provide high-quality writing, research, and design resources for a culturally diverse student body to prepare them for the rigors of the global workforce that demands effective multi-modal forms of composition.


To provide one-stop composition resources for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty, with an added emphasis on STEM and senior design interests.


Help support Florida Tech values of research for the benefit of all mankind, education for a lifetime of success, and global citizenship for a better world.  The center also ensures equal access for all students and faculty. 

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