The Florida Tech OWRDC offers research support for all students, faculty, and staff. 

Research is an essential bedrock component of all composition and design for undergraduate, graduate, post-doctoral students, faculty, and staff.  Understanding how to fully use credible and effective sources enhances all composition experiences and deliverables.  This essential skill applies to academic, professional, and personal pursuits for information.  Once you have determined where you need supporting evidence, research and discovery begins. 

Evans Library (books, ebooks, databases) Visit the library website.

The Evans Library, located on the Florida Tech campus, provides in-depth and expansive research support services both online and in-person.  Most of the Library resources can be accessed via the website including live chats with Florida Tech librarians. Research guides are available on a multitude of topics and subjects as well as Instructional Tutorials and Workshops hosted on the Evans Library YouTube channel.

Academic Research:  Undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate

APA/MLA Style Guides:  Florida Tech courses of study commonly address MLA or APA style for formatting academic documents. 

Scientific and Technical Communication

Copyright & Intellectual Property:  This information is valuable for any writer, researcher, designer to protect one’s work as well as respect and attribute the work of others. 

Institutional Review Board:  All research at Florida Tech must be evaluated based on its use of human subjects.  Students and faculty wishing to do research should evaluate the use of human subjects and review the requirements associated with obtaining approval.  This should be part of the research plan and advanced planning to allow for this evaluation is prudent.  A detailed procedure is offered at the IRB website.

Policies & References:  Visit the web page.

Professional/Business Research:  Business & industry

Research Data Management:  An essential component of all research is data and there are processes for managing all that is obtained.  Important considerations for data management include: funding, writing, backing up data, documentation, and metadata, and data sources. 

Undergraduate Research Guide: This information is compiled by Evans Library personnel to help students find valuable information in specific areas of interest. Visit the web page. 


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