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School of Behavior Analysis

Applications are now closed for Hybrid program.

Hybrid Learning: We are phasing out this degree program. This degree will not be an option if you haven't already begun Stage 1 coursework

The Master of Arts in Professional Behavior Analysis (Hybrid) program combines online coursework from the ABA Online Professional Development Program Verified Course Sequence with 1 year of online Graduate School instruction, including coursework, intensive practicum, and a capstone project. The Intensive Practicum portion of the program does not take place at Florida Tech, but rather at approved practicum sites around the world. These approved sites will combine on-site supervision with the supervision and guidance of FIT faculty. 

Admission Deadline for SP20/SU20/FA20 was November 15, 2019. Applications are now closed.

Admission Review Dates:  12/6/2019

*once admitted a $300 tuition deposit is required to secure your spot 

Deposit Deadline for SP20: 12/31/19 

Deposit Deadline for SU20 & FA20: 3/1/2020

If you currently have a Master’s Degree you should contact BACB. Your degree may qualify for certification without acquiring another Master’s degree. For certification information please contact Continuing Education at or (321) 674-8382 Option 2.

Florida students: The Hybrid program is available in most of Florida. However, students that live in or near the Orlando or Melbourne areas are ineligible for the Hybrid M.A. and are encouraged to apply for the on-campus programs instead.

SITE APPROVAL: Contact your Adviser to request site approval

If you are not located at an approved practicum site, we have designed a site evaluation to get your site approved. Since you are not currently working at an ARPS (Approved Remote Practicum Site) you can request a Site Evaluation you’re your adviser. Site Reviews are done by our Program Advisers and Faculty. During this process they will evaluate your site for approval to use during your Intensive Practicum courses. Sites can click here to review the BARS and the BACB's recommendations for ASD sharing  to conduct a self-assessment. When you are ready, please email your Program Adviser confirming you have a site ready for review.

 This evaluation process will involve the student filling out an evaluation packet giving us information about the current practices of the site (all from the student's perspective). This will include questions about current supervision, training, assessments used, graphing, and data collection. In addition, we will also be asking for sample documents including client programs, graphs, and intervention plans.  Plus there will be a ~1 hr. online interview with the student. This evaluation process will be of no cost, and will be completed after all the paperwork has been submitted by the student, sometime during the term it's submitted.

Advisers are assigned by last name.


If your Last Name begins with an: 

 There have been many emails received pertaining to application requirements. The information provided below should give further clarification on the expectations of the program.

 Supplemental Application Materials

Please refer to the following link for guidelines on letters of rec, statements of objectives, etc. : You might also check with google for additional examples while using your professional skill set to identify samples, secure letter writers, and compose the necessary documentation. 


GPA Requirements

Students who apply for the MA PBA program without a 3.0 Undergrad GPA and before they reach the 3.5 program GPA may be provisionally admitted to the program. Students who obtain provisional admittance will be monitored closely during their stage 2 coursework. Please use this GPA to apply by the November 15th deadline.