Master Of Arts In Professional Behavior Analysis

Official Statement Regarding COVID-19 for the MA PBA (Hybrid)

The effects of COVID-19 are observed across myriad settings and conditions. Fortunately, some activities related to online participation in the MA in PBA program remain unaffected. Didactic classes (BEH 5022, 5023 and 5024) will continue to meet as scheduled. Capstone activities for BEH 5028, 5029 and 5030 will also continue as scheduled. Professors will work individually with students that are in the process of implementing interventions and/or collecting participant data.

BEH 5025 (Intensive Practicum) is a course that is affected by COVID-19. Centers, clinics, schools and agency providers across the world are following guidelines that promote social distancing and are minimizing face-to-face interactions with clients and consumers. Although FL Tech cannot waive or adjust the requirement of earning 250 hours of supervised practicum experience per semester, we are continually creating new options for acquiring unrestricted experience hours. With proper documentation, the Behavior Analysis Certification Board permits exceptions for extenuating circumstances. Given social distancing is highly recommended at this time, an inability to conduct four observations per month would appear to be a justifiable exception. Moving forward, we encourage all practicum students to talk to their designated on-site supervisor about future service delivery options.

As we all work hard to keep our clients and families healthy, we want to extend a sincere thank you for choosing a career path that is dedicated to helping others. Please be a leader and model safe behavior.


The School of Behavior Analysis Faculty and Staff at the Florida Institute of Technology

Hybrid Learning:The hybrid applications are now closed . Students who inquire about an Online Degree option will be directed to the Master of Arts in Behavior Analysis Practice.

If you have questions about Stage 1 or certificate course please contact Continuing Education at or (321) 674-8382 Option 2.

If you have questions about Stage 2, please contact the School of Behavior Analysis at

To begin Stage 2 you must have the following:
  • A Program Plan
  • Approval of a Remote Practicum Site to complete your Intensive Practical Training. (Students are required to secure their own employment at a site that provides ABA services.)

Both of these are obtained by contacting your adviser.

SITE APPROVAL: Contact your Adviser to request site approval

If you are not located at an approved practicum site, we have designed a site evaluation to get your site approved. Since you are not currently working at an ARPS (Approved Remote Practicum Site) you can request a Site Evaluation from your adviser. Site Reviews are done by our Program Advisers and Faculty. During this process they will evaluate your site for approval to use during your Intensive Practicum courses. Sites can click here to review the BARS and the BACB's recommendations for ASD sharing to conduct a self-assessment. When you are ready, please email your Program Adviser confirming you have a site ready for review.

This evaluation process will involve the student filling out an evaluation packet giving us information about the current practices of the site (all from the student's perspective). This will include questions about current supervision, training, assessments used, graphing, and data collection. In addition, we will also be asking for sample documents including client programs, graphs, and intervention plans. Plus there will be a ~1 hr. online interview with the student. This evaluation process will be of no cost, and will be completed after all the paperwork has been submitted by the student, sometime during the term it's submitted.

Mentors/Advisers are assigned by last name.

If your Last Name begins with an: