Hybrid Courses/Costs

All Prices are based on the early registration rate and do not include cost of books.
If the student registers during the Regular Registration, there are an additional $45/class, and $95/class during late registration.
Details of Stage 1 costs and registration dates
Stage 1: ABA Online Courses
Course NumberCourse NameCreditsCost
BEHP5011 Foundations, Concepts and Principles of Behavior Analysis 3 $850.00
BEHP5012 Basic Elements of Applied Behavior Analysis 3 $850.00
BEHP5013 Developing, Strengthening and Maintaining Behavior 3 $850.00
BEHP5014 Introduction to Ethical & Professional Conduct of Behavior Analysts 1 $285.00
BEHP5015 Decreasing, Eliminating and Replacing Problem Behavior 2 $570.00
BEHP5016 Ethical & Professional Conduct of Behavior Analysts 2 $635.00
BEHP5017 Targeted Topics in Behavior Analysis 1 $320.00
BEHP5018 Advanced Topics in Behavior Analysis 3 $950.00
BEHP5020 Current Topics in Behavior Analysis (1 credit each, five seminars*) 5 $1775.00
BEHP5021 Coordinating Behavior Analysis with Psychiatric & Other Medical Services 1 $355.00
* Take a total of five times = 5 credits@$355.00/credit Stage 1 Total: $7440.00


Stage 2: Practical Training
Course NumberCourse NameCreditsCost
BEH5022  Using Measurement, Graphs, and Single-Case Designs in ABA Practice        3  $2775.00 
BEH5023 Introduction to the Experimental Analysis of Behavior  3 $2775.00 
BEH5024 Conceptual Analysis of Behavior  3 $2775.00 
BEH5025 Intensive Practicum in Professional Behavior Analysis*  9 $8325.00 
BEH5028  Capstone I 1  $925.00
BEH5029 Capstone II 1 $925.00
BEH5030 Capstone III 1 $925.00
* Take 3 semesters for 3 credits each for a total of 9 credits Stage 2 Total: $19425.00
    Program Total $26865.00

The university's board of trustees has approved these tuition and fees for the academic year 2017–2018.
Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.

**Financial Aid: The Stage 1 courses are eligible for Career Training or Private Student Loans only at these rates. They are not eligible for FAFSA or Federal student loans. They are only eligible for VA benefits if taken for graduate credit and paid for at the full Florida Tech graduate credit tuition rate. The Stage 2 courses are eligible for FAFSA and Federal student loans and eligible VA benefits, as well as private student loans.

Note: Except in the case of a private student loan, the financial aid for the two stages cannot be combined and must be applied for separately.

Transfer Policy: Transfer from external university coursework can not substitute for our core coursework (BEHP5011-5018), rather hybrid students may be able to transfer up to 5 credits of BEH5020 coursework.

Registration for all BEHP5020 courses and 5021 must be done by calling: (321) 674-8382