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University Study Examines a Post-Pandemic Workplace
Recent research looks at the way life changed for employees, and what a post-pandemic work environment may look like.
College Athletes Study Leads to New Moral Foundation Discovery
The relationship between a student-athlete's athletic identity and their moral value preferences has shown to differ from previous research.
Memory May Not Serve Completely Correct in New Study
According to new research, people sometimes correctly remember information without recalling where the information came from.
Florida Tech, Winter Haven Hospital Foundation Establish Training Program for Psychology Students
The program is providing both doctoral students in psychology valuable real-world experiences and important services to patients in need.
Student Wins Prestigious Cooke Foundation Scholarship
Jennifer Tolliver came to Florida Tech in August to study psychology. "It's my life's ambition," she said of her academic pursuit.
414 Age & Goals
Research by Buhler, Janina, L., Weidmann, R., Nikitin, J. & Grob, Alexander(2019). Written by Shannon Cantalupo, M.S. Having a goal energizes us and gives life meaning and direction.Does the importance and attainability of our goals relate to our life satisfaction across our lifetime? Swiss psychologists examined how goals impact an individual’s life throughout adulthood. They …