School of Psychology

School of Psychology

Community Psychological Services (CPS)

Clinical Training

The Psy.D. clinical psychology program is based on the practitioner-scientist model and we have developed a very strong network of practicum experiences that provide students with both an excellent set of basic therapy skills in the initial practicum and the opportunity to choose advanced clinical training from among a broad range of clinical practice areas. We specifically address the skills necessary to meet the needs of our diverse local community and of our nation.

In the first year students take a two semester course titled Clinical Skills and Techniques, I & II, along with a pre-practicum experience that involves additional clinical skills workshops, shadowing faculty and advanced student therapists in the clinic, and administrative seminars related to the business details of health care provision such as setting appointments, negotiating fees, and using the electronic record system to post session notes and assessment summaries.

This is followed in the second year by a 2 semester practicum totaling 10 hours each week which is supervised by our core Psy.D. clinical faculty and takes place in the Community Psychological Services (CPS) clinic on campus. Community Psychological Services is located within the Scott Center for Autism Treatment, a new state of the art structure, and Community Psychological Services serves a diverse client population with a very broad range of presenting problems, ages, and severity, who have few financial resources.

Advanced Practicum

The final two years on campus offer students the opportunity to train under experienced psychologists in a great variety of settings. Students can work in inpatient settings and outpatient settings. In settings focused on child and family therapy, substance abuse treatment, forensic assessment and intervention, family violence, and psychological assessment. Also available is training in integrated collocated multidisciplinary health care settings such as Federally Qualified Health Centers or Veterans Affairs Medical Centers, and many other great training settings. Our core Psy.D. clinical faculty offer advanced practicum at Community Psychological Services in their various specialty areas, and clinical faculty in other Florida Tech psychology programs offer advanced practicum in their specialty areas.

Throughout all practicum students will integrate clinical research findings and clinical expertise in the context of patient factors. It is our goal to provide a broad and deep practicum experience that will prepare our students for pre-doctoral internship, post-doctoral residency, and future clinical practice. This is accomplished by providing practicum sites with diverse populations and clinical experiences, as well as quality supervision by licensed psychologists, and licensed health professionals in related fields.