Institute for Cross-Cultural Management (ICCM)

The Institute for Cross Cultural Management (ICCM) currently works with companies to improve the cross cultural competence of management and employees. ICCM concentrates on issues that affect daily overseas conduct such as cross cultural competency as well as building, maintaining, and repairing trust in multicultural work groups. ICCM also focuses on strategic issues such as expatriation/repatriation, cross cultural negotiation, and global leadership. ICCM instructors provide research based solutions to train and educate global leaders through professional development (PD) activities. ICCM specializes in practical science, which translates into measurable results. 


Institute for Cross Cultural Management | Florida Institute of TechnologyRecent advances in ICCM's research include grants through the Department of Defense. The Cross-Cultural Competence (3C) project included a theoretical examination of the literature on 3C models, measurement, and training, and empirical research on measurement. Another project included development of a database of cultural subject matter experts who helped develop scenarios used in situational training developed for the Department of Defense. In addition the grant funded a study examining the effectiveness of cultural diversity training on important individual and team level organizational outcomes.


ICCM products include Cross Cultural Competence training and Global Leadership training. Designed for executives, these trainings were also administered for free to select promising Florida Tech students for personal and professional development. ICCM is also currently developing six culture-specific online recertification courses for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Global Presence

ICCM partners with various institutions in Europe, namely Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Germany), The University of Valencia (Spain), The University of Silesia (Poland), and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. A similar partnership is in progress with East China Normal University in Shanghai, China. As a whole, these connections open avenues for future collaborations with other European organizations, and enhance Florida Tech’s reputation as a global leader in I/O psychology.

The Summit

If you would like more information on ICCM, please visit the ICCM website or find us on Facebook. If you would like to get involved with ICCM, please contact Dr. Jessica Wildones.