Procurement Services and Accounts Payable

Procurement Services and Accounts Payable

Electronic Reimbursement

The quickest way to receive your reimbursement is by Direct Deposit. You probably already have your paycheck delivered electronically, however there is another form to fill out and return to Accounts Payable for non-payroll related reimbursements.

Authorization for Electronic Reimbursement Payments

Please consider the environment before requesting a paper check

Electronic Payment Background

One of our Florida Tech SAC’s initiatives is to increase electronic payments by reducing paper checks issued. This initiative has been somewhat successful and currently we are paying ~49% of our vendors, staff and faculty using electronic methods. 

We all want our money as quick as possible and electronic transfers can cut a week out of the waiting period. If you are still receiving paper checks for various reimbursements please consider converting to direct deposit. Last year we printed 6,500 checks. Let’s live up to our High Tech approach and see if we can together, get to 75% electronic.

Thanks in advance for your support.