Purchasing and Accounts Payable

Purchasing and Accounts Payable

Travel Procedure And Forms

Travel Policy regarding the sequential steps to take regarding travel approval, travel advance and travel reporting.

Pre Travel

  • Travel Approval
  • Travel Advance & Promissory Note
    • The rules for travel advances are:
      • $150 minimum, $2500 maximum with Dept. Head approval
      • All advances $2500 and above need additional approval from CFO
      • $9500 maximum advance (field research, large groups, etc.)
      • It is the responsibility of the traveler to assure proper check request approval, per the above, prior to submission to the Accounts Payable Dept.
      • Use of Pcard is strongly encouraged so as to minimize advance requirements
    • Submit the Promissory Note Form along with the approved Travel Itinerary Approval Form to Accounts Payable for your advance.

Post Travel

  • Advance Return & Travel Report
    • Please remember that any travel advance excess is due back to FIT within 10 business days after completion of travel.
      • The excess advance owed to FIT is returned to Student Accounting at the cashiers window - 1st floor Commons Building.
    • Please be sure to use the Travel Expense Report or TEM (Travel & Expense Mgmt System).

Again, all is due to AP within 10 business days after completion of travel.

Payroll deduction will occur beyond 10th business day.

Safe Travel!

NOTE: Do not alter the nature or format of the forms. If a change is needed, seek assistance from Procurement Services.