Procurement Services and Accounts Payable

Procurement Services and Accounts Payable

Travel Procedure And Forms

Travel Policy regarding the sequential steps to take regarding travel approval, travel advance and travel reporting.

Pre Travel

  • Travel Approval
  • Travel Advance & Promissory Note
    • The rules for travel advances are:
      • $150 minimum, $2500 maximum with Dept. Head approval
      • All advances $2500 and above need additional approval from CFO
      • $9500 maximum advance (field research, large groups, etc.)
      • It is the responsibility of the traveler to assure proper check request approval, per the above, prior to submission to the Accounts Payable Dept.
      • Use of Pcard is strongly encouraged so as to minimize advance requirements
    • Submit the Promissory Note Form along with the approved to Accounts Payable for your advance.

Post Travel

  • Advance Return & Travel Report
    • Please remember that any travel advance excess is due back to Florida Tech within 10 business days after completion of travel.
      • The excess advance owed to Florida Tech is returned to Student Accounting at the cashiers window - 1st floor Commons Building.
    • Please be sure to use the Travel Expense Report or TEM (Travel & Expense Mgmt System).

Again, all is due to AP within 10 business days after completion of travel.

Payroll deduction will occur beyond 10th business day.

Safe Travel!