Academic Advising And Registration Process

Advising must occur before your initial registration. You are strongly urged to see your advisor before your registration time.

  • Online registration for each registration group begins at 8 p.m. of the first day of registration for that group.
  • Registration priority for undergraduate students is based on the number of earned semester credits plus credits in progress.
  • Students must register for and drop AVF and ESL courses at the Registration Center.
  • You may use the registration tools in Access Florida Tech Student Academics tab for registration and add/drop functions once your advisor has verified on the student information system that advising has taken place.
  • You may register and add/drop online at your appointed time and afterward through noon Wednesday of the second week of classes.
  • Registration functions online will not be available after 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday of the second week of the semester. 


All academic, financial and administrative holds that prevent registration must be cleared with the respective office(s) before you will be allowed to register. Holds may be viewed on Access Florida Tech.


You must be advised prior to registration. Your advisor will indicate approval of your semester course plan by signing the registration form. Registration via Access Florida Tech – Student Academics tab is permissible at your registration time and afterward if your faculty advisor has verified that advising has occurred. You are permitted to register only for courses that were approved in writing by your faculty advisor.

Undergraduate students registering for more than 21 credit hours for spring or fall semesters, or more than 13 credit hours for any of the summer terms, must have their registration forms signed by the dean of the appropriate college as well as their advisor.


At your scheduled registration time and any time thereafter through Wednesday of the second week of classes, you may register through Access Florida Tech or bring your signed registration form to the Registration Center. Before leaving the Registration Center you will receive your class schedule. Please verify your schedule for accuracy and notify registration personnel of any errors. You may view your class schedule from Access Florida Tech.

Once registered, you may drop courses without advisor approval through Wednesday of the second week of classes. Beginning Thursday, all registration business must be conducted at the Registration Center.

Withdrawal from the university must take place at the Registration Center.