Registration Information

Registration for Spring 2015 for currently enrolled students will begin online Firday, November 7, 2014, at 8 p.m., and continue through January 16, 2015, at midnight the Friday of the first week of classes.

Students may register online through Access Florida Tech (select the Registration Tools under the Student Academics tab) or at the Registration Center. Logging into Access Florida Tech requires the Tracks ID and password sent to each student whose admittance to the university has been confirmed. Students can register and add/drop at their assigned time and afterward.

Students using the Registration Center must present a photo ID and have their Registration form approved by their advisor before entering the registration area.

Classes appearing in this schedule were valid at the time of publication. Check for the latest updates online.

Florida Institute of Technology reserves the right to add or change without notice, any information pertaining to class offerings, requirements, locations and fees published in this schedule. Students are held accountable for all information contained in this schedule and will only receive credit for courses in which they are officially registered.

General Information

Full-Time Status

For social security, veterans administration, insurance and financial aid certification purposes, an undergraduate student must be officially registered for a minimum of twelve (12) credits to be full time. A full-time graduate student must officially be registered for a minimum of nine (9) credits.

Enrollment Verification

Click here for more information

Student ID Card

Student ID cards are obtained from the Campus Services Office. ID cards are automatically validated each term after registration. These cards must be carried at all times and presented to conduct university business. Go to

Student Directory

The student directory link is located below the Faculty and Staff Directory on the Welcome page of Access Florida Tech. Directory information will be disclosed in the student directory in accordance with the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as amended. Each student can access and complete the Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information (PDF) form online or at at the Registrar's Office if they DO NOT choose to supply this information.

Academic Advising

Your academic advisor is a very important person in your college career. She or he is here to help you achieve your educational goals, career goals and personal goals. To be successful, it is crucial that you develop a good relationship with your adviser. The responsibility for a successful advising relationship and college career is yours. Make the most of the academic advising process by initiating or maintaining this relationship today.

Online Advising Resources

CAPP (Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning) is a powerful online tool in PAWS (through Florida Tech Access) that lets students and their advisors plan courses and view degree evaluations. It can also give students a “what if” analysis if they are considering changing their major or adding a concentration or minor. For instructions on using CAPP, students click here, and faculty click here.

When you should see your advisor?

  • To discuss any problems that affect academic performance.
  • To select courses for the upcoming semester.
  • To anticipate when to take courses offered infrequently.
  • To add or drop courses.
  • To register to take a course pass-fail or audit.
  • To discuss academic progress.
  • To declare a major.
  • To file a degree plan.
  • To petition to graduate.
  • To discuss career considerations.

How you and your faculty advisor should work together?

When you were admitted to Florida Tech you were assigned to a faculty advisor for both educational and vocational guidance and advising. Because your advisor is responsible for counseling a group of student advisees as needs occur, the following suggestions are offered to you to help enhance your experiences with your advisor:

  • YOU should contact and keep in touch with your advisor.
  • YOUR ADVISOR should post office hours.
  • YOU should make and keep appointments or call if it is necessary to change or cancel an appointment.
  • YOUR ADVISOR should keep appointments or call if it is necessary to change or cancel an appointment.
  • YOU should come with specific questions in mind.
  • YOUR ADVISOR should provide accurate and specific information.
  • YOU should come with necessary materials (pencils, Schedule of Classes, forms, etc.).
  • YOUR ADVISOR should have on hand resource materials.
  • YOU should ask about other sources of information.
  • YOUR ADVISOR should suggest other sources of information.
  • YOU should be open concerning schoolwork, study habits, academic progress, etc.
  • YOUR ADVISOR should listen to you and help you solve problems.
  • YOU should build a schedule free of time conflicts.
  • YOUR ADVISOR should check your schedule for appropriate selection of courses.
  • YOU should make decisions concerning careers, choice of majors, and selection of courses.
  • YOUR ADVISOR should suggest options concerning careers, choice of majors and selection of courses.

Do you need help studying?

The Academic Support Center is here to serve you and do everything possible to assure that you are successful in your studies at Florida Tech. We are located adjacent to the teaching auditorium (P-133) of the Evans Library Pavilion. The Learning Center is at the south entrance and the Director's Office is at the north entrance.

At the Academic Support Center, you can

  • Discuss academic concerns with the director.
  • Request one-on-one tutoring for most undergraduate courses.
  • Receive help in composition or in writing research papers, reports or speeches.
  • Enroll in a University Experience course.
  • Review and improve math, English and study skills via self-help audiotapes, videotapes and written materials.
  • Find out about the services available to you on campus.

We want to help you achieve your goals at Florida Tech. Visit our center or call ext. 8009.

Registration Process

STEP 1: CLEAR HOLDS: All academic, financial and administrative holds that prevent registration must be cleared with the respective office(s) before you will be allowed to register. Holds may be viewed on the View Holds screen from the Student Academics tab in Access Florida Tech.

STEP 2: ADVISING: Undergraduate students must be advised before registration. Your advisor will indicate approval of your semester course plan by signing the registration form. Registration online is permissible at your registration time and afterward from the Student Academics tab in Access Florida Tech if you advisor has verified online that advising has occurred. You are permitted to register only for courses that were approved in writing by your advisor.

  • Undergraduate students registering for more than 21 credit hours must have their registration forms signed by the dean of the appropriate college as well as their advisor.

STEP 3: REGISTRATION: You may register online at your scheduled registration time and any time thereafter through the first week of classes or bring your signed registration form to the Registration Center. Before leaving the Registration Center you will receive your class schedule. Please verify your schedule for accuracy and notify registration personnel of any errors. You may print your class schedule from the Student Academics tab in Access Florida Tech by using the PAWS link and the Student Schedule by Day and Time form.

  • Once registered, you may switch sections and drop courses without advisor approval through the end of the first week of classes, which is January 16, 2015. Beginning Tuesday, January 20, all registration business must be conducted at the Registration Center.
  • Withdrawal from the university must take place at the Registration Center.

Registration Details

Co/Prerequisite Courses

  • To ensure proper completion of prerequisite courses, any Melbourne campus student who fails or receives an incomplete for a course that is a listed prerequisite for a course in which they register the following term, will have that course automatically dropped as soon as the incomplete or failing grade is posted to the student's record.

    The student should work with their advisor to update their program plan or request to retake the failed prerequisite.

Check the 2014-2015 University Catalog or through the online Course Catalog through the Student Academics tab in Access Florida Tech.

Co/prerequisite are automatically determined and enforced by the Banner student system. If you have successfully completed a course that is a listed corequisite of a course for which you are planning to register, you may request a waiver of the corequisite by contacting the Registrar’s Office by email to

To waive a co/prerequisite students must:

  1. Complete the Co/Prerequisite Waiver form available online or from your advisor or the Registration Center.
  2. Present the completed form to your advisor for review. Your advisor will agree or disagree with your written justification and sign the form.
  3. Take the signed form to the academic unit offering the course to request approval of the waiver. If the waiver is approved, the academic unit head or designee of the academic unit offering the course will sign the waiver form.
  4. Bring the waiver form to the Registration Center to officially enroll in the class.

Closed Classes

Certain classes may be closed at the time you register. If you want to enter a closed class, you must complete a Closed Class form, also available from the Registration Center or your academic unit. Take the form to the academic unit offering the course. If the academic unit approves, the academic unit head or designee will sign the form. Bring the signed form to the Registration Center within 24 hours or by 5:00 p.m. the next day to officially enroll in the course. Approved closed class forms are not valid after 5:00 p.m. the day after approval was obtained.

Class Schedule Changes

A Change in Registration Status form also available at the Registration Center is used for class adds and drops and for university withdrawal. A schedule change becomes official when a university Change in Registration Status form bearing the required signatures is processed by the Registration Center. Schedule changes may be made online or in the Registration Center without advisor signature on the Change in Registration form through the first week of classes.

Adding Classes

Classes may be added online or in the Registration Center without a signed Change in Registration form through the first week of classes. The last day to add a class during Spring 2015 is Friday, January 16, 2015. Added classes become official when validated and entered into the BANNER student system.

Registration for any course that is not listed on a Registration form or Change in Registration Status form that your advisor signed is a violation of academic policy and could result in your registration being canceled at any time, either before or after the start of classes.

During the first week of classes, no signatures are required for switching sections of the same course. Advisor signature is required for undergraduate students when adding a course not previously approved in writing. During the second week of classes, the Change in Registration Status form must be signed by the respective advisor and the academic unit head or program chair offering the course and the course instructor.

Required Signatures for Adding Classes

During the first week of classes, no signatures are required for switching sections of the same course. Adviser signature is required for undergraduate students when adding a course not previously approved in writing. During the second week of classes, the respective faculty adviser and the academic unit head or program chair offering the course must sign the Change in Registration Status form.

Dropping Classes

Classes dropped beginning Tuesday, January 20, through Friday, March 20, must be signed by the advisor and processed at the Registration Center. Class drops are not permitted beginning Monday, March 23, 2015.

Failure to attend classes and/or verbal notification to faculty does not constitute an official class drop. Students who do not attend class and do not file the required paperwork according to university policy will receive a failing grade of F. Requests for retroactive removal of F grades for nonattendance are not granted.

University Withdrawal

Students may officially withdraw from the university by completing Change in Registration Status form and an exit interview questionnaire in the Registrar's Office. Students receiving financial aid must check with the Office of Financial Aid to learn if and how the withdrawal will affect their financial aid status.

Spring Registration Schedule

Online registration begins at 8 p.m. the day of each group's registration period. Registration in the Registration Center follows the same groups, but only during the regular business hours of 8:15 a.m. –4:15 p.m., Monday–Friday, excluding holidays.

  • You may register and perform add/drop functions online once your advisor has verified on the student information system that advising has taken place
  • You may register and add/drop online at your appointed time and afterward through the end of the first week of classes
  • Online registration functions will not be available after 11:59 p.m. on January 16, 2015
  • Web response time may vary due to the amount of online activity

November 7, Friday

Graduate and senior undergraduate students with at least 85 earned or in-progress credits, Student Government representatives, AVF majors, veterans, and varsity athletes authorized by the Athletics Director

November 10, Monday

Undergraduates with at least 56 earned or in-progress credits

November 11, Tuesday

Undergraduates with at least 30 earned or in-progress credits

November 12, Wednesday

Undergraduates with at least 0–29 earned or in-progress credits

November 13–January 16, 2015

Open to all students

Student Accounting Reminders

  • The “Payment Information” section of the class schedule provides important information regarding due dates for payment of tuition and fees.
  • Additional information about student financial services may be found online at
  • For your convenience, you may pay online (credit card and webcheck).
  • Cash, check and credit card payments are accepted in the Cashier's Office.
  • Account balance information may be obtained online from the student's online account, by emailing, or by calling (321) 674-8199, (321) 674-7428, (800) 676-9250 or (800) 943-4348 (toll-free in the U.S.).
  • Faxes may be sent to (321) 674-8903.
  • Refund Checks—Students with a credit (negative) balance in their student account may be eligible for a refund. Refund checks are not available until after the add/drop period (the first two weeks of class). More information on the Florida Tech refund policies and procedures is available at