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Research Park

Development Opportunities

Overview and Process

The Florida Tech Research Park (FTRP) is a concrete response to the needs of industry. The Park is an innovation enabler. It’s a place where the necessary elements for innovation and economic development partner with business to create competitive advantage. What makes this a different kind of Research Park, is the mission to advance business and the community by facilitating the access to the “innovation inputs” needed to accelerate economic growth for business and the markets in which they work.

The process of site selection, leasing and developing land in the research park is streamlined through the FTRP office. The FTRP office is located in Florida Tech's Center of Aeronautics and Innovation in a new office space with high visibility.

To discuss development opportunities, please contact us.

Site Selection

Prime commercial real estate parcels are available within the research park for long term lease and development. See our Incentives page for an in depth look at benefits of our sites.

Research and Education

FTRP is providing areas of interest in jobs for Florida Tech students through work study and college role positions, the co-op programs, as well as permanent employment opportunities. In addition these companies are interested in educational degree programs and professional training for their employees, as well as consultative services (Florida Tech Consulting / Intellectual Property) and in the development of joint research initiatives. Take a look at the Office of Research at Florida Tech for current research information.