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Centennial Challenges - Federal Register Notice 18-066

  • The CO₂ Conversion Challenge is devoted to fostering the development of CO₂ conversion systems that can effectively produce singular or multiple molecular compounds identified as desired microbial manufacturing ingredients and/or that provide a significant advancement of physicochemical CO₂ conversion for the production of useful molecules.  NASA envisions this competition having two phases with a total prize purse of up to $1 million.  Phase 1 (the current phase) is the Concept Phase with a prize purse of up to $250,000 to demonstrate capabilities to develop technologies to manufacture “food” for microbial bioreactors from CO₂ and hydrogen molecules, with the ultimate goal of producing glucose.   The initiation of Phase 2, a Demonstration Challenge with a prize purse of up to $750,000, is contingent on the emergence of promising submissions in Phase 1 that demonstrate a viable approach to achieve the Challenge goals. The official rules for Phase 2 will be released at a later date.
  • Team registration deadline is 24 Jan 2019.  Submissions are due 28 Feb 2019.
  • Complete details at


Innovation Crossroads Now Accepting Applications for Cohort 3 in Energy or Manufacturing Innovation

  • A 2-year fellowship with up to $90 K stipend plus health insurance & travel allowance
  • Access to facilities, equipment and expertise, plus $200 K in R&D funding to support collaborations across ORNL
  • Business mentors, entrepreneurial training & networking
  • Informational webinar 4 October 2018, Initial Applications due 29 Oct 2018
  • Complete details at

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