University-Corporation Alliance For Success

The University-Corporation Alliance for Success (UCAS) gives corporate partners access to all corners of the university while also recognizing those organizations with additional benefits tailored to their needs.

Office of Corporate Relations along with UCAS work together with Industry Partners to develop innovative programs, support faculty research, and advance the university’s educational mission around the globe.

We specialize in building relationships with internal and external entities creating opportunities for collaboration and funding.

UCAS Membership Benefits

While members of Florida Tech's University-Corporation Alliance for Success have many different reasons for partnering with Florida Tech, all UCAS organizations enjoy the same standard benefits. These include but are not limited to:

  • Access to Florida Tech faculty, research, facilities and leaders

  • Special invitations to exclusive university events

  • Regular updates about university accolades, research, events, and opportunities

  • Subscriptions to university news and research magazines, Florida Tech Today and Discovery

  • The chance to network and build relationships with other UCAS members

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