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Office of Research

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Computer Science

Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Array of Concentric Photodiodes
    Invented by Syed Murshid, Ph.D., Patent Number: 8,278,728 Issued: 10/02/2012

    This is a novel device that serves both as detector and demultiplexer for spatial domain multiplexed (SDM) optical channels. Photo-diodes/photo-detectors have long been in existence; however, this presents a novel and first of a kind array of concentric photo-diodes.
  • Fiber Optic Liquid Level Detector
    Invented by Syed Murshid, Ph.D. - Patent # 6,801,678

    This liquid level measurement technology is a compact, lightweight alternative system capable of measuring the level of liquid in a container. The system uses floating gauges and conventional sensors to measure liquid levels. For liquids that pose explosion hazards, fiber-optic sensors are inherently safer because they do not include electrical connections inside tanks.
  • Dual Parameter Fiber Optic Sensor
    Invented by Barry Grossman, Ph.D., and Sachin Dekate - Patent # 7,286,237

    This novel three-mirror sensor measures two independent parameters - such as hydrogen concentration and temperature - simultaneously. The sensor operates with a single sensor head and single wavelength, which minimizes cost and complexity and increases accuracy.
  • Fiber-Optic Switch
    Invented by Barry Grossman, Ph.D., and Sachin Dekate - Patent # 7,302,128

    While most fiber-optic switches are digital, we have developed an Analog Fiber-Optic Switch (AFOS). This switch has both wavelength and fiber type independence, a measured extinction ratio of 80 dB or more, low insertion loss, simple construction and low cost.

  • Orbital Angular Momentum in Spatially Multiplexed Optical Fiber Communications
    Invented by Syed Murshid, Ph.D., Patent Number: 8,396,371 Issued: 03/12/2013

    This is a novel new technique that adds a new dimension to optical communications and systems. Multiple channels of exactly the same or differing wavelengths occupying exactly the same or different locations inside an optical channel can be transmitted and detected using the angular momentum of photons.
  • Spatial Domain Multiplexing the Optical Fiber Bandwidth Multiplier
    Invented by Syed Murshid, Ph.D., and Barry Grossman, Ph.D. - Patent # 7,174,067

    Spatial domain multiplexing is a revolutionary technique for launching, transporting, and detecting two or more optical channels operating at exactly the same wavelength inside an optical fiber. This approach allows the bandwidth of existing or new fiber-optic systems to be doubled. It adds a new dimension to existing multiplexing techniques.

  • Spatial Domain Multiplexing Presentation
    Spatial Domain Multiplexing Power Point Presentation.
  • Fiber-Optic Fabry-Perot Interferometer and Associated Methods
    Invented by Syed Murshid, Ph.D., Patent Number: 6,886,365 Issued: 05/03/2005

    The method for making the fiber optic Fabry-Perot sensor includes securing and optical fiber to a substrate having a characteristic which is changeable in response to sensed condition; and forming at least one gap in the optical fiber after the optical fiber is secured to the substrate to define at least one pair of self-aligned opposing spaced apart optical fiber end faces for the Fabry-Perot sensor, and wherein at least one gap changes in response to changes in the characteristic of the substrate.

Engineering Systems

  • Eagle Eye - A Clear View Through a Turbulent Sky
    Invented by William W. Arrasmith - Patent Number 8,447,129 Issued 05/21/2013

    Greywolf Technical Services, Inc., owned by Dr. William W. Arrasmith, has developed a series of disruptive imaging technologies. This disruptive imaging technology is portable, implementable in software, more accurate than current methods, and can be made to run in real-time (faster than 30 Hz) imaging systems resulting in dramatic increases in the imaging system's spatial resolution for defense, intelligence, NASA, and many other government and commercial applications.
  • Description Of Eagle Eye Technology
    Portable, rugged, real-time atmospheric turbulence compensated imaging system
    Invented by Dr. William W. Arrasmith PhD-College of Engineering
  • Determination of Concentrations of Biological Substances Using Raman Spectrosco
    Invented by Fred Ham, Ph.D., - Patent Number: 5,553,616 Issued: 09/10/1996

Marine and Environmental Systems

  • Antifouling Aging Systems
    Invented by Geoffrey Swain, Ph.D. - Patent # 7,313,976

    Antifouling coatings control marine growth and maintain ship hulls in a smooth and hydrodynamic condition. The effort to develop reliable and environmentally acceptable coatings is ongoing. The Antifouling Aging Testing System is a scientific tool that tests the performance of different ship hull coatings.

Mathematical Sciences

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

  • New Device for Inhibiting Arterial Plaque Growth
    Invented by Kunal Mitra, Ph.D. - Patent # 6,847,700

    When partial or complete closure of a coronary artery occurs, angioplasty is commonly performed to reopen the artery. The frustration of laser and balloon angioplasty is that in many cases the plaque quickly returns, a phenomenon called restenosis. The device delivers an externally generated ionizing dose of pulsed x-ray irradiation to the arterial wall to prevent restenosis. This device can also be used for other therapeutic applications, such as irradiation of tumors, with minimal damage to surrounding healthy tissue.
  • Optical Imaging Using Ultrafast Laser for Tumor Detection
    Invented by Pei-feng Hsu, Ph.D. - Patent # 6,738,659

    This technology is a new approach to using ultrafast laser for optical imaging. Conventional optical imaging technologies rely on inverse analysis for image reconstruction. This technology selects the optimum temporal pulse width based on the patient's intrinsic radiative properties. Once the pulse width is determined, the location and size of an abnormal structure can be revealed without resorting to the computationally intensive inverse analysis algorithm.
  • Optical Tomography System Using Short Pulse Laser for Early Cancer Diagnostics
    Invented by Kunal Mitra, Ph.D. - Patent Application # 11/693,955

    This technology is an advanced optical tomography (AOT) system for in-vivo diagnosis of early cancer and tumors with high spatial and temporal resolution. The AOT imaging system examines the response of tissue to an ultrashort incident pulsed laser source.

  • ----- Power Point Presentation -Optical Tomography Non-invasive Early Skin Canc
    What if there is a skin cancer diagnostic technique that is painless, more accurate, less expensive, and quick?
  • ----- Poster - Optical Tomography System Poster
    Ultrashort Pulsed Laser Based Non-invasive Early Cancer Diagnostic System
  • The Infinity Fan - 3D Oscillation Via a Spherical Mechanism
    Invented by Pierre Larochelle, Ph.D. - Patent #6,213,715

    The Infinity Fan, used as either a desktop or standing fan, circulates air both horizontally and vertically. The fan face moves in an "infinity" or sideways figure-eight pattern upon a spherical surface. The Infinity Fan provides both back-and-forth and up-and-down movement in a continuous sweeping motion - powered by only one motor.
  • Method and Apparatus for Delivery of X-ray Irradiation

Physics and Space Sciences

  • Method for Accurate Lightning Strike Prediction
    Invented by Joseph Dwyer, Ph.D., and Hamid Rassoul, Ph.D. - Patent Application # 11/721,280

    Lightning damage is costly, and the ever-increasing reliance on microelectronics for critical business and governmental activity amplifies that danger. Researchers at Florida Tech and the University of Florida have developed a novel method for accurate lightning strike warning and after-the-fact strike location determination. An on-site instrument provides a 1-millisecond warning of an impending lightning strike and after-the-fact evidence of the strike within 100 meters of the instrument.