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Coordination with State and Local Emergency Service Providers

Florida Tech has a working agreement with the City of Melbourne that when emergency services are requested, or a determination is made that a need exists, the city of Melbourne will be the primary emergency service responder.  This includes police, fire, and medical services.  In the event additional services are needed, Brevard County and/or the state of Florida emergency servicies divisions will assist when requested by the city of Melbourne. Florida Tech endeavors to work with and support these local and state emergency providers by assisting when and where needed. This includes all investigations of criminal incidents occurring on or off campus when faculty, staff, or students may be involved.

Security Memberships

Florida Tech Department of Security is a member of the Florida Association of Campus Safety and Security Administrators (FACSSA). This association is composed of professionals who are dedicated to the promotion of campus safety throughout the state.  We are also an active member of the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA).  Director Graham is also a member of the Fraternal Order of Police and Retired Pennsylvania State Troopers Association, Florida Chapter. 

FIT Security shoots at FROG BONES


The Florida Tech Security Office Staff



Kevin Graham   
Director of Security 
Barry Cobb   
Assistant Director   
David Cash   
First Sergeant    
Jessica Beattie    
Security Manager     

Security Personnel

Sgt. James Krass  
Sgt. John Sweeney          
Sgt. Clifton Thibodeau   

Support Staff

Melissa Lyons   
Administrative Assistant I  
Cheryl Clermont  
June Hardy

Debra Allard



 #46 Officer Edward Fields #95 Officer Doug Lessard
#55 Officer Melinda Morrison #100 Officer Dan   Przedwiecki
#57 Officer Victor Vargas #101 Officer Jesse Conklin
#69 Officer Don Owens                  #103 Officer Bryce Schoening
#70 Officer Daniel Golembiowski #104 Officer  Timothy Buck            
#71 Officer Robert Salyers          #107 Officer Rod Costin
#73 Officer Kip Ambler             #110 Officer Thomas Ferreri
#82 Officer Kenneth Russell    #111 Officer Thomas Cheung
#85 Officer Thomas Swartz   #112 Officer Leonardo Delgado
#87 Officer Matthew Stitt       
# 90 Officer Nate Fleming   
#91 Officer Carl Lewis