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Firearms Policy

Firearms of any type are not permitted on Florida Tech Property in Compliance with Florida Statute.  (The only exceptions are law enforcement officers.)

Individuals covered by this policy

This policy applies to all students, staff, faculty, employees, and visitors to Florida Tech property.

  • Introduction
  • Policy

Florida Tech is committed to maintaining an environment that is free of violence. This obligation includes eliminating recognized hazards from campus communities that contribute to violence or serious harm.

While on University-controlled sites and at University-directed activities, students and employees are prohibited from introducing, possessing, using, buying, or selling unauthorized weapons, firearms, ammunition, explosives, or items deemed by the Department of Security to be dangerous.

  • Violation of this policy
  • Definitions
  1. Any student or employee who becomes aware of a violation of this policy is required to immediately notify the Department of Security, their RA or their supervisor.
  2. Violation of this policy is considered a serious offense that endangers the safety of the University communities. Therefore, this offense may result in immediate disciplinary action for students and termination of employment for employees.
  • An employee is any Florida Tech employee, regardless of employment status.
  • A student is all Florida Tech students, as well as ELS students attending Florida Tech.
  • An unauthorized firearm is any firearm, regardless of whether the owner has a valid state permit to carry the firearm.
  • University premises refer to all Florida Tech properties.
  • A University-controlled site refers to all permanent Florida Tech facilities on all campuses or other locations. It includes any temporary facilities that the University uses to conduct an activity intended primarily for faculty, employees, students, or invited guests of the University, rather than for the general public.
  • A University-directed activity is an event intended solely for Florida Tech faculty, employees, students, or invited guests of the University; it is not intended for the general public. These activities include, but are not limited to, graduation events, receptions, meetings, and conferences.
  • The Director of Security has been assigned administrative responsibility for campus law enforcement and security activities.



  • A firearm in the possession of a law enforcement officer who is authorized to possess the firearm whether on or off duty, by the employing law enforcement agency.
  • A firearm in the possession of a person who has received prior written authorization from the Florida Tech Director of Security to possess a firearm on campus.
  • A Florida Tech issued firearm in the possession of a Department of Security Officer authorized to possess the University owned and issued firearm while on duty.

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