Going Green on the Red Planet

Welcome to the Florida Tech STEM Resources page! This year's theme is all about Mars. So come explore and download our Mars Garden lesson plans, complete with a hydroponic experiment great for a Science Fair project.

Mars Sustainability Poster

Martian Life Grows at Florida Tech'

On the second floor of the Florida Tech Olin Life Sciences Building, tucked away in what looks like an old refrigerator, is the beginning of the next great human journey into the unknown. To look at it, the research seems pretty simple. There's a chamber – that looks like a refrigerator – fitted with some special lighting and filled with trays of tiny seedlings. Nothing earth-shattering there. But things aren't always what they seem.

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Martian Plants

Living off the Land in Space

 Science Teacher

Dr. Daniel Batcheldor's “Living Off the Land in Space” Class isn't your typical science lesson. ISRU (in situ resource utilization) is all about addressing the problem of sustainability on other planets, particularly Mars. It's impossible to take everything humans need to live, so researchers must find ways to use as much of the planet's resources as possible.

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What Is Astrobiology?

If you want to dig your hands into some Martian soil and have a part in sending humans to Mars, Florida Tech's astrobiology degree program might be just right for you. It is the first and only undergraduate astrobiology program in the country. Whether you want to study the effects of space travel on humans, discover past or present microbial life on Mars, or help develop ways to sustain life on the moon, you will be well prepared with an astrobiology degree.

Check out these NASA Space Station Live videos all about growing plants in space: