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Send Your Student a Care Package!!

The Office of Student Affairs at Florida Tech has partnered with SWAK University Services to provide parents the opportunity to order and send their students a thoughtful, fun and delicious care package. Whether it’s for final exams, a birthday or “just because”, the ordering process is affordable and easy. And…..student’s LOVE them!

Look for student care package ordering information to arrive in your mailbox soon from the Student Affairs Office.

Important dates to remember when ordering your student care package:

  • Fall 2018 Welcome Week - August 20-24
  • Fall 2018 Finals Week - December 10 - 14
  • Spring 2019 Finals Week - April 29 - May 4 

For more information about how you can order a special care package for your student, please call the Student Affairs Office at 321-674-8080 or contact SWAK U at 1-800-929-8184.

Order online at: